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Broadband and Mobile Phones in France

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Getting connected and being able to communicate is important when you move to any new country, and France is no different. Our guides explain how to set up Internet and phone service when you move in France.

Telecommunications Providers in France

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The four main providers active in the mobile phone and Internet markets in France are Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free. All four providers offer both internet and mobile phone plans, as well as additional services such as television and fixed phone lines (collectively, known as a "box" offer). All four providers have their own phone and internet infrastructure, and coverage is fairly similar (though as the most recent entry to the French telecommunications market, Free Mobile's network coverage is slightly behind, notably for 4G). They also all operate low-cost brands or offshoots, which include B&You (Bouygues Telecom), Sosh (Orange) and RED by SFR.

Find out more about mobile phone and Internet providers in France.

Phone Guides

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Guide to French Mobile Phones

Getting a French phone number is one of the first things you will need to do when you arrive to France. Learn how to get a mobile phone in France in our guide.

Unlocking Your Mobile Phone to Use in France

French cell phones, like the rest of Europe, operate on the GSM cellular network. Whether you are just visiting France or settling in the country, unlocking your phone so that you can use it in France with a French SIM card is a handy and cost-efficient means of of communication.

Find out how and why to unlock your phone to use in France in our guide.

Guide to French Prepaid Phones

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If you don't have a phone that you can use in France, you may find it worthwhile purchasing a cheap, pay-as-you-go phone that you can use in the country. Prepaid phones can be invaluable for short stays, but if you're staying in France for an extended period of time, you are probably better off with a phone plan (forfait).

Our guide explains everything you need to know about using prepaid phones in France.

Guide to French Mobile Phone Plans

So you've decided to sign up for a French mobile phone plan. But which type of plan, and which supplier should you choose? Our guide to mobile phone plan options in France explains the various types of plans available, their advantages and disadvantages, and is full of other helpful tips for choosing the right plan that meets your needs.

Learn about calling to and from France in our ultimate guide to calling in France

Cancelling a Mobile Phone Plan in France

Whether you're cancelling to change providers, or because you are leaving the country, find out how to cancel a mobile phone plan in France in our guide.

Installing a Fixed Telephone Line

While no longer a necessity for many people, having a fixed telephone line can be useful if you live in France. Our guide explains how to set up your fixed telephone line in France.



Setting Up Internet Service in France

If you are moving to a new home in France, it's very likely that you will want to set up Internet service. Several telecommunications providers in France offer Internet packages (often known as a box) that typically include Internet + a fixed telephone line and/or television. Find out what you need to do to get online in France, and take a quick and free Internet speedtest to find out how fast your connection to the Internet really is.

Dégroupage Explained

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While the French telecommunications is open to competition, some areas remain under historic operator Orange (formerly France Telecom)'s control. Learn about this particularity to the French telecommunications sector and how it affects your phone and Internet options in our guide to dégroupage.

Internet Offers in Zones Non-Dégroupées

Your options for Internet and phone are limited if you live in a zone non dégroupée. Our guide to options in zones non degroupees explains available plans and providers for Internet and telephones.

Guide to Internet for a Second/Holiday Home in France

Find out what your best options are for Internet when you have a holiday or second home in France.

Guide to Satellite Internet in France

Satellite Internet, available through providers such as Europasat or Nordnet, may be your best option if you live in a rural area in France. Learn more about it and how much it costs in our guide to satellite internet in France.

Cancelling or changing an Internet Phone Plan in France

Whether you're cancelling to change providers, or because you are leaving the country, find out how to cancel an Internet phone plan in France in our guide. If you simply want to change your provider, find out how to do so in our guide on switching Internet providers.

How to Write a Cancellation Letter

One of the most fundamental steps to cancelling your internet or mobile phone plan is writing a cancellation letter. For those who are uncomfortable communicating in French, our guide to the cancellation letter has got you covered - complete with a free letter template!

Other things to know when moving to France

Television in France

Our handy guide outlines the basics of television in France, including how to find English and American TV in France.

Making a Complaint

While extremely rare, sometimes you may run into serious problems with your Internet or phone provider. Our guide to making a complaint about internet/mobile service in France explains step-by-step what to do.