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French Energy Suppliers


Since 2016, ekWateur has been a rising star in the French green energy market. Specialising in renewable energy sources, ekWateur offers fully-renewable electricity, natural gas and firewood offers.

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Planete OUI

A leading alternative supplier of green electricity and biogas, Planète OUI provides its customers with certified 100% renewable energy at low prices.

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EDF is the historical supplier of electricity in France. It markets the regulated electricity tariff (the "blue tariff") and offers various electricity and natural gas offers.

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Born from the fusion of local distribution companies, Alterna is a small supplier that markets two electricity offers and one natural gas at competitive prices.

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A major player in the propane sector, Antargaz also provides natural gas offers for medium and large private and professional consumers.

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Well-known supplier of propane and gas cylinders, Butagaz has been marketing electricity and natural gas since October 2017 and since 2021 under the brand Butagaz by Mega.

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Enercoop is an alternative energy provider in France adopting an original model: 100% green electricity purchased directly from small local producers.

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Engie is the historic gas supplier in France. It offers the regulated tariffs for gas and also markets a wide range of electricity and gas offers at fixed prices.

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The leading gas supplier in Europe, Eni provides a wide choice of energy offers to French consumers.

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Lucie Energie

Subsidiary of the Saint Martin de Londres electricity cooperative, Lucia Energie offers a fixed-price electricity offer for 1 year, equivalent to the regulated tariffs.

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Founded by ELDs in the Oise and the Somme, Proxelia offers an electricity offer with a reduction in both the subscription and the price per kWh.

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Total Energies (ex-Total Direct Energie)

Total Energies is the new name of Total Direct Energie, the leading alternative energy supplier in France. It has exceeded the 5 million customer mark and is multiplying the rewards for the quality of its customer service.

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