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Orange launched Sosh in 2011, in response to Free's entry into the mobile phone market. Focusing on a younger clientele, Sosh plans are 100% online and contract-free (sans engagement). Find everything you need to know about Sosh here, including available offers and services, how to sign up, customer service, how to file a complaint, and more.

About Sosh: Orange low-cost brand

Sosh is the low-cost brand of Orange, launched in 2011 in response of the arrival of Free Mobile on the French mobile phone market. With online customer service and contract-free packages, Sosh is aimed at young, digital customers such as students.

  • Sosh: The basics
  • All of Sosh's plans are online-based and sans engagement (i.e. contract-free)
  • Sosh relies on Orange's network (France's No. 1 operator according to French regulator ARCEP)
  • Sosh sells 7 mobile phone plans between €5.99 and €12.99
  • Sosh sells 1 fibre optic internet plan at €15.99 and 1 ADSL internet plan at €20.99

Sosh Mobile Phone plans in France

Sosh mobile network coverage

Sosh uses Orange's network and Sosh customers benefit from what is currently the fastest 5G network in France and up to 3 times faster than 4G. In addition, Orange 4G covers 99.85% of the country. Orange has been named France's No. 1 mobile operator by ARCEP (the French telecoms regulator) for the 13th year running, in recognition of the quality of its mobile service.

To find out whether the Orange 4G or 5G network is available in your area, please consult the map below. In the most remote areas, you may not have a mobile network.

 What is the best Sosh Mobile Phone Deal?

There are seven Sosh mobile phone plans, that range from 5,99€/month to 20,99€/month. All Sosh plans are sans engagement (which means no contract), allowing customers to switch plans at any time, using their online-based customer service. 

All Sosh plans feature:

  • Online customer service
  • Contract-free plans (sans engagement)
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS for mobile phone numbers within continental France and the French Overseas Departments & Territories

The 140GB 5G package at €20.99 is the most comprehensive one. This is an interesting choice for expats as it includes 25 Go from Europe and unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from France and Europe (UK included). There's an even more attractive enhanced version of this mobile plan: Forfait 140 GB Extra. The amount of mobile data is more generous with 35 Go from Europe (UK included) and from 19 African countries.

Mobile offers available on 15/07/2024
Offer Included services Price
Forfait Sosh 10Go
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  10 Go data 4G in France
  • Unlimited calls /SMS/MMS
  • 10 Go in EU/DOM
  • No contract
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Forfait Sosh 100Go
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  100 Go data 4G in France
  • Unlimited calls /SMS/MMS
  • 20 Go in EU/DOM
  • No contract
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Forfait Sosh 150Go
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  150 Go data 4G in France
  • Unlimited calls /SMS/MMS
  • 20 Go in EU/DOM
  • No contract
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Forfait Sosh 140Go 5G
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  140 Go data 5G in France
  • Unlimited calls /SMS/MMS
  • 25 Go in EU/DOM
  • No contract
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Forfait Sosh 140Go Extra
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  140 Go data 4G in France
  • Unlimited calls /SMS/MMS
  • 35 Go in EU/DOM
  • No contract
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Sosh plans are sold with the SIM card only, meaning you must already have a phone in order to sign up for a plan. However, you can also purchase new and used phones on the Sosh website.

Sosh often offers promotions for new customers. Check out their website to find the current Sosh promotional offers.

Sosh internet plans

Sosh fibre Optics plans

Sosh sells fibre-optic and ADSL internet plans. Fibre optics is the option to consider first, since the French government has decided to close the ADSL copper network. The roll-out of fibre optics is still underway, and although the process is well advanced, there are still areas not covered by fibre optics. You should therefore check your eligibility before you choose which plan to subscribe. Sosh fibre optic broadband deal is contract-free and sold at €15.99.  

internet offers available on 15/07/2024
Offer Included services Price
Boîte Sosh Fibre
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  Up to 300 Mbit/s in down speed
  •  Up to 300 Mbit/s in up speed
  •  Free calls to fixed lines
  •  No contract
€15.99/month for 6 months
Then €30.99/month
📞  +33 9 77 55 72 27

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Sosh's fibre optic internet plan include:

  • A very high-speed Internet connection on the Orange network (300Mbit/s) with the Livebox 5 modem (no rental fees or additional charges for Internet use)
  • Sans engagement: customers can change or cancel plans at any time
  • Unlimited calls to mobile phone and fixed lines in France from the fixed telephone line
  • Unlimited calls to fixed lines in 100 international destinations from the fixed telephone line
  • Fibre optic cables installation included. A technician will connect the fibre to your home.
  • Access to 70 TV channels on app only (or access to 180 channels with a tv decoder for 5€/month)

Signing up for Sosh ADSL plan if you are not eligible for fibre optics

If you are not eligible for fibre optics, you can still sign up for an ADSL internet package with Sosh. Sosh's ADSL internet package costs €20.99.

ADSL internet offers available on 15/07/2024
Offer Included services Price
Boîte Sosh ADSL
Valid on 27/06/2024
  •  Up to 20 Mbit/s in down speed
  •  Up to 1 Mbit/s in up speed
  •  Free calls to fixed lines
  •  No contract
📞  +33 9 77 55 72 27

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Sosh Reviews

Here are the ratings of Sosh customers by evaluation platform.

Reviews summary for Sosh
Platform Average customer review Number of reviews
trustpilot 1.2 /5 2486
igraal 4.5 /5 146
selectra 1.2 /5 119
poulpeo 4.3 /5 519
ebuyclub 9 /10 594
Global average 2.25 /5 3864

Last updated 07/06/2024.

The scores may seem low, but they need to be put into perspective. Operators always receive negative comments on the Internet because it is mainly dissatisfied subscribers who post comments.

If we look in detail, we can see that customer reviews for Sosh, as is the case for all telecommunications operators in France, are mixed. Here is a quick summary of what customers have been reporting online about Sosh:

  • Efficient customer service: customers reported finding the Sosh website straightforward and easy to use
  • Good cellphone coverage: Sosh customers have access to Orange's 5G network, which is currently the most advanced in France
  • Expensive: some customers consider Sosh's offers to be expensive compared to the competition


Our opinion of Sosh is positive. Sosh's prices are low and allow you to benefit from the quality of the Orange network, France's No. 1 operator. This is an ideal option for students and for expats in France, as subscriptions are contract-free. The main drawbacks with Sosh are its online-only customer service and the absence of an English helpline.

Valentine,Editor at Selectra

How can I contact Sosh customer service in France?

What is Sosh phone number to contact Sosh service client?

There are several ways to contact Sosh customer service. As a low-cost operator, the Sosh helpline is online-based. 

However, there are certain requests that can be dealt with by Sosh customer service on the phone. Sosh's telephone number is 📞3976. Calls are charged at the cost of a normal call to mainland France. Here is the list of requests handled by Sosh customer service by phone:

  • Commissioning of your Sosh equipment.
  • Suspension of your mobile line in the event of loss or theft.
  • Troubleshooting following an internet failure (except for problems with television, fixed telephony or other internet services).
  • Mobile repairs.
  • Debt recovery.

How to contact a Sosh advisor online?

The best way to contact Sosh is to go to the website assistance.sosh.frand use of these methods:

  • The automatic online assistance service. Select the problem from the list or use the search bar.
  • The FAQ to find the answer to your problem.
  • The Livechat available from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. 
  • The Sosh customer support forum.
  • Sosh tutorials on Youtube.
  • Social medias : Facebook and X (ex-Twitter).

Does Sosh have an English helpline?

No, Sosh doesn't have an English helpline. However, try sending them a message on social media, such as on their Facebook page or via X.

Does Sosh have a shop?

There is no Sosh shop. Sosh is now a 100% online operator, separate from the Orange brand. It is therefore impossible to visit an Orange shop to find out about the Sosh brand, or to get help with a Sosh product. The only Sosh shop available is online.

Subscribing to a Plan With Sosh

Signing up for a Mobile Phone Plan With Sosh

As for customer service, the subscription procedure is online. You will need to provide the following to sign up for a mobile phone plan with Sosh:

  • Your contact information: name, valid email address
  • Your address: street address, flat number, postcode
  • Your banking information (RIB): you need to have a French bank account already set up before you sign up for a postpaid mobile phone plan. Sosh may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, which is used for activation fees/deposit.

Signing up for an Sosh Internet Plan

You can sign up for an Internet plan with Sosh online. You will need to do the following to sign up for an Internet plan with Sosh:

  1. Test your phone line to determine your broadband/fiber optic eligibility
  2. Provide full contact details: name, phone number, email address
  3. Provide your full address: street address, apartment number, zip code - including directions to 
  4. Provide a proof of property (justificatif de domicile), such as an electricity or gas bill, or water bill
  5. Provide your banking information (RIB): you must have a French bank account in order to sign up for an Internet plan. Free may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, for any activation fees/deposit.

How to Cancel a Sosh Subscription?

Cancelling your subscription online

You can cancel your Sosh plan in your online personal space on Sosh's website.

Sosh will cancel your plan within 10 days of having received the demand, or in some cases, on the last day of the month. You will know when Sosh receives your cancellation letter because you will have sent it through recommended post (lettre recommandée avec avis de réception). Once they have received your cancellation request, Sosh will notify you if any equipment (e.g. Internet modem) needs to be returned and will direct you accordingly.

How to keep your phone number?

To keep your phone number when changing providers, you need to find out your RIO (Relevé d'Identité Opérateur - a unique identifying number that is assigned to your phone number). This is a 12-digit number that you can find by dialing 3179 (to automatically receive your RIO in a text), or in your personal space online. You then will need to communicate this number to your new provider - they will take care of the rest (transferring your number, cancelling service your old provider)!