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Propane prices & suppliers in France

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Propane prices and suppliers in France

The market for propane in France is organised around four main providers: Antargaz, Butagaz, Primagaz and Vitogaz. Each supplier sets its own prices based on its costs and the LPG price. Therefore, the cost of filling up a propane gas tank can vary from one supplier to another, and even from one customer to another if the price is not negotiated. Learn how to get the cheapest price for propane in France and decide which propane supplier to subscibe with.


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Price comparison of LPG gas in France

Which propane provider is the cheapest? (ranked from least to most expensive):


  1. Séolis (supplier in Deux-Sèvres)
  2. Repsol with the Global Pack (supplier in the southwest)
  3. Butagaz and the Idéo contract
  4. Antargaz and its Serenipack + offer
  5. Primagaz and the Prim'eazy 20% biopropane offer
  6. Vitogaz and the Vitozéco contract.


Out of the big 4 propane providers in 2021, Butagaz is the cheapest tank gas supplier with its Idéo contract (conventional propane without taking into account any discounts granted during contract negotiation). There are also Séolis and Repsol among the regional suppliers. Antargaz's prices are also competitive (this being the first year they have not been in the lead).

LPG Price per tonne for French propane suppliers


According to a le Propane comparative study (in French), the average LPG price per tonne is €2 180 (with tax), with the national average consumption of propane gas being 1370kg per year.

According to this study,the cheapest propane prices per tonne in France are from the following providers:

  • Butagaz, which charges €1399 (with tax) for a tonne of propane
  • Primagaz, which charges €1204 (with tax) for a tonne of propane
  • Antargaz, which charges €1399 (with tax) for a tonne of propane

The annual cost of propane (underground tank)

Propane Prices for a 1 tonne underground tank
Propane supplier Get a quote Offer Annual cost
Antargaz 09 87 67 37 93
or request a Free call back
Serenipack+ €3635,4
Butagaz 09 87 67 37 93
or request a Free call back
Ideo propane €3896
Primagaz 09 87 67 37 93
or request a Free call back
Prim'eazy 20% biopropane €2253
Vitogaz 09 77 40 85 06 Vitozeco €4298

Last updated: février 2024

What is the annual cost of the contract? This is the estimated annual cost which includes the gas consumption, the costs inherent to the propane tank, and also the termination fees at the end of the contract (incurred when changing supplier). It is listed in the fiches standardisées des contrats des propaniers.

Propane supplier fees for propane tank installation & maintenance

Being fuelled by propane gas will incur additional costs on top of the LPG price itself. Getting informed of these prices will help you find the best deal to suit your needs and budget.

Fees for a Propane gas tank installation

Upon signing a new contract for a propane tank, the client will have to decide whether they wish the tank to be buried or kept overground. This decision will impact the installation costs, as follows:

Cost of installing a propane tank, depending on the supplier
Supplier Tank type / Contract type Price in euros (with tax) Additional information
Antargaz All types of tanks/contracts Paid for by the supplier 09 87 67 37 93
or request a Free call back
Butagaz All types of tanks/contracts Paid for by the supplier 09 87 67 37 93
or request a Free call back
Primagaz All types of tanks/contracts Included in the subscription 09 87 67 37 93
or request a Free call back
Vitogaz All types of tanks/contracts Paid for by the supplier 09 77 40 85 06

Last updated: février 2024

Fees for maintenance and servicing


It is up to the tank owner to take care of the propane tank maintenance. In most cases, the propane supplier is also the owner of the tank, so they are often legally in charge of servicing.

It may happen that suppliers charge the maintenance and maintenance costs to customers. Depending on the offer, these fees may be included in the subscription, or subject to specific pricing.

Fees for cancelling a propane contract in France

If you wish to cancel your propane deal early, you should expect to pay fees, which will include:

  1. The cost of removing the tank : if the tank belongs to the supplier, he must recover it at the end of the contract;
  2. The pumping of the gas remaining in the tank : a gas tank must necessarily be empty to be removed;
  3. Early termination indemnities : in the event that the period of engagement has not ended.

Each propane gas distributor has its own schedule of termination fees which will appear in the contract. The termination fees being very high, consumers must think carefully before signing a propane gas supply contract.

However, in certain cases it is possible to terminate your propane gas contract by reducing these costs, by negotiating a takeover by the new propane supplier. Note also that buying the tank allows you to avoid all these costs each time you change supplier.

What are the cancellation fees for the different providers?
Provider Underground tank Aboveground tank
Antargaz €1512 €576
Butagaz €998 €482
Primagaz €NC €NC
Vitogaz €1391 €428

Last updated: février 2024

*Fees are prorated to the time remaining before the expiry of the contract.


Pay less for propane!

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List of the main propane providers in France in 2021

Together, Antargaz, Butagaz, Primagaz and Vitogaz add up to 90% of the existing market for propane in France. However, there are also regional suppliers such as Repsol, Distrigaz, Gaz Liberté and Séolis. Consult the full list of propane suppliers in France.



With a fleet of over 220,000 tanks and 12 million bottles sold a year, Antargaz is a leader on the French propane market. It has been able to gain shares and clients thanks to its attractive pricing policy and a nationwide presence. Antargaz is also the only propane supplier to have developed natural gas supply activities, for companies, professionals and individuals on the French territory. Here is how to contact Antargaz.



Butagaz is number one on the French propane supply market, with 4.2 million clients and 15 million bottles sold per year. The provider stands out on the market with a unique price transparency policy: propane price schedules and ancillary costs are published on their website, contrary to a majority of suppliers that prefer not to communicate their tariffs publicly.



With 560,000 tonnes of gas sold to 2 million customers every year, Primagaz is best known for its gas tank offers. These come with an integrated meter which means the client can be billed directly according to the kWh they consume.



Vitogaz is the smallest of the five main propane providers in France. Its activities are centred more around LPG petrol.

Other propane suppliers

In addition to the 4 main French propane gas providers listed above, there are some smaller suppliers operating at a local level. The 3 companies of this type in particular are:

  • Gaz Liberté, which operates in the North East of France and the Île-de-France area.
  • Distrigaz Provence, which operates in the South East of France. It specialises in the distribution of bulk propane gas for private individuals, professionals and local authorities.
  • Sogasud (former Repsol), which operates in the South West of France, and currently only offers tanks.

How to choose a propane supplier in France

Make sure you've done your research and have asked yourself the right questions before signing up to a propane contract. This will put you in a good position to negotiate your propane contract.


Need help choosing a propane provider?

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How to negotiate propane prices

In order to obtain the most attractive deal, you should definitely compare offers by taking into account all the above gas rates and the related additional fees. Once you've finished the comparisons, asking for quotes will allow you to confirm your analysis.

Once you have selected a provider and have received your propane quote, you will want to negotiate all the tariffs in order to obtain the most interesting price.

Negotiating gas prices is a very common practice in France, and means consumers can attempt to lower tariffs by really putting suppliers in competition.

To get help with comparing propane prices, you can call the Selectra English-speaking customer service line at 09 87 67 37 93 or get a free callback. You can also directly request an estimate for propane gas (in French).

Questions to ask before signing a French propane gas contract

Here is a rundown of the important question you should ask before signing onto a propane deal:

  • What is the propane price list? Am I entitled to a permanent discount?
  • What are the terms of pricing evolution? Do I have a guarantee against an increase in prices?
  • If you opt for a tank: is there a commissioning fee to pay for the tank installation?
  • If you opt for propane bottles: how much will the deposit cost? What is the price of a gas bottle refill?
  • What are the costs to pay in the event of an early contract cancellation (termination, repackaging of the gas, removal of the tank)?
  • Are tank maintenance and control costs included in the price?
  • Will I get free access to payment facilities to pay my bills?
  • How long will I have to stay committed to granting exclusive gas supply to the provider?