Lebara Mobile in France: Plans, Contact and How to Sign Up

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Lebara is an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which operates on the Bouygues Telecom network. It was founded in order to help immigrants stay in touch with their family all over the world, making it what is called an "ethnic operator". Find out all about this low-cost phone provider in the following article.

To obtain English-speaking assistance to subscribe to a phone plan in France, contact Selectra at 09 77 55 72 27 (Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 7:30 pm, Saturday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm and on Sundays 9 am to 5 pm), or ask for a free callback. An advisor will be able to assist you and find the plan best suited to your needs.

Lebara Offers

With a wide variety of cellphone deals, Lebara Mobile has something to suit every need and budget.

The types of Lebara Mobile offers

One of the best known MVNOs in France (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)  Lebara Mobile has 5 types of offers:

  • Monthly plans ("Forfaits mensuels"): these come in 3 contract-free options giving 10 GB, 20 GB or 100 GB of 4G data, for respectively €10, €15 and €20.
    These all give you unlimited national calls and international calls to 43 destinations, as well as unlimited SMS towards France. All plans are automatically reconducted every 30 days.
  • National plans ("Forfaits illimités"): these come in 5 contract-free options giving between 2 GB and 24 GB of 4G data, for between €4.99 and €24.99.
    These all provide unlimited national calls towards France. All plans are usable for 30 days.
  • International plans ("Forfaits internationaux"): these come in 9 contract-free options that cover different areas of the globe - there are for instance plans specially created for communicating in China, South America, the Philippines...
    These plans come with between 250 MB and 24 GB of 4G data and various amounts of minutes of calls. Prices range from €9.99 to €29.99, depending on the area covered. All plans are usable for 30 days.
  • The "Tout En Un" (All-in-One) plans: these come in 3 options giving 1 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB of 4G data, for respectively €9.99, €14.99 and €19.99.
    These come with either 200, 1000 or unlimited minutes of calls to France and over 40 destinations. All plans are usable for 30 days
  • The Internet Pass: these come in 5 contract-free options giving between 500 MB and 20 GB of 4G data, for between €4.99 and €49.99.
    These all give you unlimited national calls and international calls to 43 destinations, as well as unlimited SMS towards France. All plans are automatically reconducted every 30 days.

All the Lebara Mobile plans are commitment-free, meaning you can cancel your plan anytime. You can purchase recharges anytime, in bundles of €5, €10, €15, €20 or €30. The prices of both the offers and the recharges do not include special and overtaxed numbers.

As mentioned above, with some plans you are automatically re-enrolled every 30 days, on the condition that your remaining credit is equal or superior to the price of the plan. In order to deactivate this feature, simply switch this function off via your MyLebara account.

The Lebara SIM card

You will only be able to start a plan with Lebara once you own a Lebara SIM card.


You can get a Lebara SIM for free by ordering it on the Lebara website, and it will conveniently be shipped directly to your home. Otherwise, you can purchase it along with a pre-charged communication credit.

The Lebara SIM card allows you to make calls and send texts to France, and also gives you access to the data allowance depending on the offer you choose. You can recharge your SIM credit anytime via recharge allowance between €5 and €30.

Note that the Lebara Mobile prepaid SIM card gives you access to unlimited texts and calls towards other Lebara Mobile lines for up to 99 different numbers and a maximum of 2 hours per call.

Tariffs for national communications with Lebara

Below is a rundown of the cost communications with Lebara for calls and texts within France:

Costs of communications with a Lebara Mobile plan
Type of communication Cost
Call to another French mobile or French line €0.19/min
SMS nationwide €0.19/SMS
Lebara Mobile and Lebara SMS (except for national recharge) Free
Lebara Mobile (for national recharge) €0.19/min
Lebara SMS for new national recharges €0.15/min
Lebara SMS (except for national recharges) €0.19/min
Internet per MB (except for new national recharges) €0.19/MB
Internet per MB (for new national recharges) €0.25MB
100 KB per day Free
Answer phone (2345), connection to new recharges, recharging or
consultation of credit (2323) and emergency numbers (112, 15, 17, 19)
Customer Service (2300) €0.19/min

Tariffs for European communications with Lebara


Great news - since 2017, there are no longer any fees for roaming in the EU. This means that fees are scrapped for all communications within the EU, and that you can use your Lebara plan across the EU as you can in France (this is known as the "Roam like at Home" rule)

The rules for using your Lebara allowance within the zone is the same as for other French phone providers, meaning communications will be capped after a certain consumption in order to avoid system abuse.

Find out more about the tariffs and conditions applied to international calls with Lebara on the operator's website (in French).

Signing up for a Lebara Plan

Signing up to a Lebara phone plan is very easy and straightforward. Simply log onto the Lebara website, choose your package and place your order.

  • You will need to provide the following to sign up for a mobile phone plan with Lebara:
  • Your contact information: name, valid email address
  • Your address in France: street address, apartment number, zip code
  • Your banking information (RIB): you need to have a French bank account already set up before you sign up for a postpaid mobile phone plan. Some providers may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, which is used for activation fees/deposit.

How to Contact Lebara

You can get in touch with the network provider in various ways.

Getting in touch with Lebara France online

To reach Lebara online, you can do all of the following:

Getting in touch with Lebara over the phone


If you wish to contact the Lebara Customer Service by phone, the number to call will depend on where you are calling from

  • From a Lebara line: call 2300
  • From a fixed line or another provider's mobile line: call 08 11 29 23 23.
  • If you are calling from abroad: dial +331 72 28 23 23.

This service is available 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.

Getting in touch with Lebara via mail

To contact Lebara by mail, address your letter to:

"Lebara Mobile Service Clients, 78 Rue du Championnet, 75018 Paris, France"

The Lebara Headquarters

The Lebara HQ is located at the following address:

Lebara Limited
2nd étage
25 Copthall Avenue