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How to Contact the Orange English-Speaking Customer Service in France

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Need to get in touch with the French Orange customer service? Whether you are searching for information about an Internet or a mobile phone plan, require technical assistance, or have a question about billing, find all the various ways to reach Orange here.

Orange English-Speaking Customer Service in France

Most Orange customer service requests can be dealt with online, so if you are comfortable reading French and have no problem navigating Orange's website, we recommend trying that first. However, for the cases in which you want to reach Orange by other means, here are the various ways you can get in touch with Orange in France.

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As of 2020, Orange is the only telecommunications provider in France to have a dedicated English-speaking customer support helpline, available at 09 69 36 39 00 (+33 9 69 39 39 00 when dialled from abroad).

Orange's English-speaking online customer support is limited and tends to direct you to French-language pages. You may be able to find answers to some of your questions about Orange in English on their online forum, or you may be able to find someone who speaks English in an Orange boutique.

Insider Tip To reach English-speaking customer assistance for Orange, try sending them a message via social media, on either their Facebook page or via Twitter

Technical Assistance for Orange in France

Orange offers a good deal of technical assistance on their website. You can also reach Orange technical assistance at the relevant customer service number (see below).

Other Orange Customer Service Phone Numbers in France

Orange has several customer support numbers, each for a dedicated service (all in French). Unless otherwise stated, all numbers are free when dialled from an Orange fixed telephone line. Orange's regular customer service hours are Monday through Saturday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Orange Customer Service Phone Numbers
Customer Service Phone Number

Fixed telephone lines, Livebox, ADSL

Internet, Optical Fiber

Customer service: 3900 (+33 9 69 39 39 00 from abroad)
Technical assistance: 3900 (+33 9 69 39 39 00 from abroad)
Automated service (available 24/7): 3000
Mobile phone 3900 (+33 9 69 39 39 00 from abroad)
Automated service (available 24/7): 740 / 0800 100 740
Professional/Business Accounts

Customer Service: 3901 (+33 9 69 36 39 01 from abroad)

Smart Pro Assistance: 706 / 0825 000 706

When to Call Orange Customer Service

The best days to call Orange are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Try to call early in the morning, or mid-afternoon in order to avoid being put on hold. Orange customer service receives the most calls at the beginning and end of the month.

Risk of time spent on hold Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning (8 am-12 pm) Low


Low Low Low Medium
Midday (12 pm-2 pm)






Afternoon (2 pm-6 pm)







Evening (6 pm-8 pm)


Medium Medium Medium Medium High

New Customer/Sign-Up

To sign up for an Orange mobile plan or an Internet plan from Orange, call 3900 (free when dialled from a fixed telephone line). Customer support is available in French Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 8pm. For professionals, the number to call is 3901, with support available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm.

If you have just arrived in France and need to set up your phone and Internet plans, you can also call our Selectra English-speaking advisors at 09 77 55 72 27. Our team will be able to help you choose the best offer for your needs and budget amongst a wide range of other, often more competitive French operators.

Find a French Orange Boutique Near You

Orange operates hundreds of boutiques across France, so you should be able to find a physical location near you. You can find the address for the Orange shop in your city or town in this online directory (in French).

You can find assistance with the following in an Orange shop:

  • Learning about and signing up for a mobile phone or Internet plan
  • Buying a prepaid mobile phone
  • Technical assistance for fixed telephone lines
  • Questions about your existing mobile phone or Internet plan, such as questions about data usage, coverage, technical problems, etc
  • Purchasing a new mobile phone

You can make an appointment with an advisor at Orange if you download the "Mes Boutiques" app, available for iOs or Android.

Orange Customer Support Online

If you are comfortable navigating written French, you may find Orange's online customer support a more efficient option than the telephone, as it avoids you being put on hold.

Existing customers can request assistance in their online personal space (Espace Client Orange). You will have received your online credentials (username, password) in the documents accompanying your subscription, though Orange can resend them by email or SMS if you have forgotten them.

The Orange Espace Client offers the following services:

  1. Information about your plan(s) (mes contrats), which includes information about your usage, billing (last bill date and amount), payment, and the possibility to change your contract
  2. Customer rewards (mes avantages)
  3. Technical assistance (urgences et dépannage)
  4. Your identifying information (mon compte)

Orange Postal Addresses

We recommend calling Orange or submitting a customer service request online for timely responses to your questions and concerns. However, in some cases (e.g. a formal written complaint), sending a letter by post may be more appropriate.

Orange Customer Service Addresses
Orange Service Clients Mobile
33732 Bordeaux, Cedex 9
Orange Service Clients Internet Orange
TSA 10018
59878 LILLE Cedex 9
Orange Service Clients La Fibre
TSA 90017
59878 LILLE Cedex 9

If you are unable to resolve your complaint through Orange's regular customer service, you can send a letter to Orange's mediation service, called the Service National Consommateur Orange. The letter must be sent by registered post (lettre recommandée avec avis de réception) in order to be treated. Make sure to note whether the complaint concerns a fixed telephone, mobile phone or Internet service.

Service National Consommateurs Orange - (specify "fixe", "internet" or "mobile")
Cedex 9

Cancelling an Orange Internet or Mobile Phone Plan

Use our guides to cancelling an Internet plan or cancelling a mobile phone plan to find out more about cancelling a plan with Orange. In both cases, you will need to write a cancellation letter sent by registered post to Orange.

Feel free to use our free cancellation letter template.

Orange Email Address

You can send an email to Orange via your Espace Client Orange.

You can also live chat with an Orange advisor online from 8 am to 10 pm (from Monday to Saturday).

Orange Headquarters in France

Orange's headquarters (in French: siège social) are located at

78, rue Olivier de Serres,
75015 Paris.

The telephone number for headquarters is 01 44 44 22 22.

How to Reach Orange Customer Help from Abroad

Try the Orange Online Assistance pages or online forums first for problems with your mobile phone or Internet connection.

If you need to reach customer service from abroad by telephone, dial +33 9 69 39 39 00 to reach English speaking customer assistance. Find more advice for reaching French customer service from abroad in our guide.

Useful French Phrases to Help You When Dealing With Orange Customer Service

Useful Customer Service-Related Phrases
French Phrase English Definition French Phrase English Definition
Service Client Customer Service Espace Client Customer space
Consommation Consumption/usage Dépannage Troubleshooting/repair
Facture/Facturation Bill/Billing Paiement Payment
Souscription Sign up Résiliation Cancellation
Lettre de résiliation Cancellation letter Lettre recommandée avec avis de reception Letter sent by registered post

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