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Orange (formerly France Télécom S.A) is the historic telecommunications operator in France and remains the largest actor in the French telecommunications market to this day. Find everything you need to know about Orange here, including how to sign up to an Orange mobile or broadband offer, how to contact Orange's English helpline, and other Orange customer service channels.

About Orange

Orange (formerly France Télécom) is the largest telecommunications provider in France and offers a wide variety of internet and mobile phone offers.

France Telecom was created in 1988, out of the division of the French administration of postal services and telecommunications. Originally state-owned, it was privatised in 1998 (though the French government maintains a 27% stake in the company). The company acquired the UK mobile phone company Orange in 2000 and changed its name to Orange in 2013.

Orange/France Telecom around the world

Orange (formerly France Telecom) is present in over 29 countries throughout the world.

Orange is present in mobile phone markets throughout the world (with a focus on Europe and Africa). In France Orange offers Internet plans (Livebox and Livebox Up offers), mobile phone plans, prepaid mobile phone credit, as well as multiple package offers (Open Up packs e.g. Internet + fixed phone line + television).

As the historic telecommunications provider, Orange still has a monopoly over telephone and Internet lines in certain areas (zones non-dégroupées).

As a response to the launching of Free mobile to the French mobile phone market, Orange launched a low-cost brand called Sosh in 2011, through which it sells commitment-free (sans engagement) mobile phone plans.

Orange (France Telecom) by numbers :

  • 260 million customers (globally)
  • 149000 employees
  • Present in the mobile phone markets in 28 countries
  • 50 million mobile phone customers worldwide with 4G coverage

Orange Internet and Mobile Phone Offers

Orange offers a variety of options for mobile phone and Internet plans, both with and without a contract. It may also be worth noting that the provider offers special Orange promotions throughout the year, so check out our page dedicated to discounts every now and then to get yourself the deal that'll best suit your needs and budget.

Orange Mobile Phone Plans With a Contract

There is a wide variety of Orange mobile phone plans, with options ranging from very basic with low level data and call inclusions, to full-service. Orange cell phone plans include:

  • Calling time ranging from 2 hours per month to unlimited calling time
  • Unlimited texts to French mobile phone numbers, some plans offer SMS to international numbers as well
  • Data allowances ranging from 100 MB to unlimited GB per month
  • Access to Orange free Wifi hotspots
  • 4G + and 5G coverage
  • Some plans include access to Orange TV and to 100 Go storage on the Orange cloud
  • Some plans include free calls to more than 100 international destinations (calling time ranging from 3 hours per year to unlimited)
  • Some plans include calling time, SMS/MMS, and data allowances from abroad (Europe)
  • Prices ranging from €2.99 to €79.99 per month the first year

As prices tend to change quite regularly (limited time offers, etc), check out Orange's website for the latest offers.

Sosh: Orange's contract-free mobile phone offers

Sosh logo

Orange offers low-cost, contract-free (sans engagement) mobile phone plans via its low-cost brand, Sosh. Note that customer service with Sosh is online-only.

  • Sosh plans feature
  • Unlimited SMS to numbers within France the French Overseas Departments and Territories
  • Access to Orange free Wifi hotspots
  • Extensive 4G coverage
  • Data ranging from 50 Mb to 50 Gb, including the possibility to use data abroad
  • International calling options (e.g. unlimited calling to up to 52 international destinations, and/or unlimited calling to mobile phone numbers from Europe, USA, and Canada)
  • Prices ranging from 4.99€ to 24.99€ per month

While Sosh plans do not include a physical phone, customers can include a phone option for a monthly surcharge. Note that you may need to pay a cancellation fee to cover the cost of the phone if you add a phone to your plan and end the plan before paying for the phone.

Find out more about Sosh offers.

Orange Internet Offers in France

optical fiber image

Orange has one of the best-developed fibre-optic networks in France.

Thanks to its position of historic provider, Orange offers the most extensive ADSL networks, VDSL2 and FTTH (fibre to the home) networks.

The company offers 2 package options of Internet + TV + fixed telephone line available for ADSL, VDSL and Fiber optic (FTTH). Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for either the Livebox or the Livebox Up offers.

All plans come with a 24 hour guaranteed service that Orange will find a solution to your Internet-related problem in 24 hours.

Since Orange has changed its offers and allowances, you will no longer be able to subscribe to the former offers known as Open Mini, Open Zen, Open Play and Open Jet. These have been replaced by the simpler system detailed below.

Note that the prices given below exclude potential seasonal promotions, and all include a €3 fee for the Livebox rental.

With Orange, tariffs are always set lower during the first year of commitment and then increase once the 12 months engagement period has elapsed. You can find out more about the Orange Internet offers in this dedicated guide.

The Orange Livebox offers and characteristics
Name of the Box Tariffs What the Box includes Is the Box right for me?
  • For ADSL and VDSL: €22.99/month the first year (then €36,99)
  • For Fiber optic: €22,99/month the first year (then €41.99)
  • Equipment: Livebox Play + UHD90 TV decoder
  • ADSL speed: 15Mbits/s, Fibre speed: 300Mbits/s
  • Telephone: unlimited calls to fixed lines in France, in the DOM and towards over 100 international destinations
  • Orange TV: 160 channels
The Orange Livebox will be well suited to people looking for a basic yet comprehensive triple play offer and can do without a big allowance for a fixed-line.
Livebox Up
  • For ADSL and VDSL: €28,99/month the first year (then €42,99)
  • For FTTH: €28,99 per month the first year (then €47.99)
  • Equipment: Livebox 4 + TV 4 decoder
  • ADSL speed: 15Mbits/s, Fibre speed: 1Gbit/s in download, 300Mb/s in upload
  • Telephone: unlimited calls to fixed and mobile lines in France and the DOM + unlimited calls to over 100 destinations internationally
  • Orange TV: 160 channels
  • Second decoder available on demand
  • WiFi repetor available for an extra €1
As a more premium plan, the Livebox Up will be a solid option for those with a higher budget who are after a fast broadband connection speed, unlimited calling allowance and state-of-the-art tech equipment. For an extra fee, you can get a WiFi extender, which can be very useful for spacious homes.

Prices and availability vary depending on what type of zone you live in, and whether Orange has any promotions on offer at the moment. Check Orange's website to find current prices.

Orange Reviews

Customer reviews for Orange, as is the case for all telecommunications operators in France, are mixed. Here is a quick summary of what customers have been reporting online about Orange:

  • Efficient customer service: customers reported receiving equipment (SIM cards, modems) quickly
  • Good cellphone coverage: Orange currently has the best-developed 4G network
  • Problems with the after-sales service: some customers reported difficulties reaching customer service when they had problems with their Internet modem

Orange English-Speaking Customer Service

Find full contact information for Orange customer service in France

Orange has previously offered an English-speaking customer helpline, available at 09 69 36 39 00, or at +33 9 69 36 39 00 when dialled from abroad, however wait times may be long and clients have reported difficulty connecting to the English speaking service. You may also be able to find someone who speaks English in one of their boutiques, but there is no guarantee.

Contact Orange Customer Service

The following numbers, unless noted otherwise, are available Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. You can find a full explanation of how to get in touch with Orange in France in our guide to contacting Orange.

Orange Customer Service Phone Numbers
Customer Service Phone Number
New Customers 3900 (free number)
Technical question (mobile phones) 3900 (free number)
Livebox customers 3900
Customer service (when calling from abroad) +33 9 69 39 39 00

Some numbers may be charged when dialled from a mobile phone.

Orange Mailing Address

You can file a complaint to Orange online (in your personal space on Orange's website) or by post:

Service National Consommateurs Orange
33734 BORDEAUX Cedex 9

Make sure to specify whether the complaint concerns your mobile phone, Internet, or fixed phone line.

Find an Orange Boutique

There are hundreds of Orange boutiques throughout France, and you should be able to find a physical shop fairly easily in most French cities and towns. Check out the nearest Orange store in your area.

Orange Network Coverage

Orange's 4G network coverage

Source: ARCEP

According to the most recent surveys done by the French telecommunications regulator ARCEP (Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes), Orange's network coverage is slightly above that of other operators for 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage.

Orange's 5G network is fast developing , (431 municipalities covered as of June 8 2021).

Orange's service quality is slightly superior to that of the other major mobile phone operators.

You can find out more about this in the ARCEP survey.

Subscribing to an Internet or Mobile Phone Plan With Orange

Signing up for a Mobile Phone Plan With Orange

Need a new French phone plan?Call an English-speaking Selectra advisor at 09 77 55 72 27 (Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm and 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays and on Sundays 9 am to 5 pm) or ask for a free callback, to help you sign up for an Internet or mobile phone plan.

You can sign up for an Orange phone plan online, over the phone (3900), or in an Orange boutique.

  • You will need to provide the following to sign up for a mobile phone plan with Orange
  • Your contact information: name, valid email address
  • Your address: street address, apartment number, zip code
  • Your banking information (RIB): you need to have a French bank account already set up before you sign up for a postpaid mobile phone plan. Orange may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, which is used for activation fees/deposit.

Signing up for an Orange Internet Plan

You can sign up for an Orange Internet plan online, by calling 3900, or in an Orange Boutique. To sign up for an Internet plan with Orange, you will need to:

  1. Test your phone line to determine your broadband/fibre optic eligibility
  2. Provide full contact details: name, phone number, email address
  3. Provide your full address: street address, apartment number, zip code - including directions to
  4. Provide proof of property (justificatif de domicile), such as an electricity or gas bill, or water bill
  5. Provide your banking information (RIB): you must have a French bank account in order to sign up for an Internet plan. Free may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, for any activation fees/deposit.

How to Cancel an Orange Subscription

Cancel Your SubscriptionSelectra's cancellation service makes cancelling your Internet or phone plan easy. Download a free template for a lettre de résiliation (cancellation letter)

To cancel an Internet, mobile phone plan, or prepaid phone card, you can either call Orange customer service (1013 for mobile phones, 3900 for Livebox), or send a cancellation letter (lettre de résiliation). You can also cancel your plan in your online personal space on Orange's website.

Orange Service Résiliation
33734 Bordeaux Cedex 9

Note that the cancellation letter must be sent by recommended post (lettre recommandée avec avis de réception). The lettre de résiliation (cancellation letter) that you send to Orange must contain:

  • Your full name (first name, family name)
  • Your account number (identifiant abonné)
  • Your account ID (numéro de Ligne de l’abonné)

Orange will cancel your plan within 10 days of having received the letter, or in some cases, on the last day of the month. You will know when Orange receives your cancellation letter because you will have sent it through recommended post (lettre recommandée avec avis de réception). Once they have received your cancellation request, Orange will notify you if any equipment (e.g. Internet modem) needs to be returned and will direct you accordingly.

You can cancel mobile phone plans online in your personal space. Make sure that your email address is saved in your personal space before cancelling so that you can access your account after it has been cancelled (in case you need to access old bills, to unlock your phone etcetera).

Find Orange's terms and conditions for mobile phones here, and for the internet here (in French).

Orange Cancellation Letter Template

For full details regarding how to cancel your Orange mobile phone or Internet plan, we recommend checking out the following articles:

You can also use this free Orange cancellation letter template, and adjust it as needed. This example is for the cancellation of an Internet plan with Orange.

Your Name
Your Address
City, Postal Code

Service Clients Internet Orange
TSA 10018
59878 LILLE

Your City, The Date

Obj: Résiliation de mon abonnement Orange

Madame, Monsieur,


Je vous informe, par la présente lettre recommandée, de ma volonté de résilier mon abonnement internet Orange désigné sous le numéro de contrat [Your account number].


En effet, devant prochainement déménager à l’étranger, je n’aurai plus la possibilité de bénéficier de vos services à l’adresse de ma nouvelle habitation. Vous retrouverez ci-joint les justificatifs de cette situation.


J’ai conscience que je vais devoir vous rendre le matériel Livebox. Ma période d’engagement s’achève le [Date your plan ends]. Néanmoins, mon contrat devra prendre fin le [Date you wish to cancel your plan].


Je vous demande de m’envoyer une facture de clôture de compte ainsi qu’une confirmation écrite m’indiquant la date effective de résiliation à l’adresse suivante [Your new address].


Je vous remercie par avance de faire le nécessaire pour accéder à ma demande de résiliation et vous adresse mes sincères salutations.



Your Name

Keeping Your Phone Number

To keep your phone number when changing providers you need to find out your RIO (Relevé d'Identité Opérateur - a unique identifying number that is assigned to your phone number). This is a 12-digit number that you can find by dialling 3179 (to automatically receive your RIO in a text), or in your personal space online. You then will need to communicate this number to your new provider - they will take care of the rest (transferring your number, cancelling service your old provider)!

A brief history of Orange/France Telecom

1988: The birth of France Telecom

As was the case for electricity and gas in France, the telecommunications industry was nationalised post-WWII and followed a centralised structure for several decades. France Telecom was created in line with a European directive to open telecommunications (and other formerly public services) to the competition.

After its creation in 1988, France Telecom became an independent public operator (exploitant autonome de droit public) in 1990. The company was privatised and entered the stock market in 1997, and enjoyed considerable successes on the bullish stock markets of 1997 and 1998.

1990: Entry of Orange on the market

In 1990, Pactel Corporation, British Aerospace, Millicom, and Matra created a consortium called Microtel Communications Ltd to compete against Vodafone in the UK. This consortium changed its name to Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd and entered the UK market in 1994. Orange went public and entered the stock market in 1996.

Orange was acquired by the German conglomerate Mannesmann AG in 1999, which then caused Vodafone to make a hostile takeover bid for the German company. Vodafone acquired Mannesman AG in 2000 but was required to divest Orange, as EU regulations did not allow the company to hold two mobile phone licenses.

France Telecom purchased Orange plc from Vodafone later that year, which, along with several other purchases, made helped turn the company into the fourth largest operator worldwide. The France Telecom Mobile brands (Itinéris, OLA, Mobicarte) took on the Orange brand in 2001.

By 2002 France Telecom was facing crippling debts with share prices rapidly. In addition to the privatisation of the company in 2004 (the French state still owns about a quarter of the company), one outcome of its following recovery plan was to converge many of its activities under a single brand, Orange. This policy began in 2006, with all of France Telecom’s activities progressively taking on the "Orange" brand name until the entire company officially became known as Orange in 2013. A slight exception to this, however, was fixed telephone lines, which remained under the "France Telecom" name until 2012.

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