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I - Objective

These general conditions are intended to define the use of the services provided by the website, hereafter known as the “Website”. By using this Website or using our services as described herein, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to our general conditions and terms of service.

II - Definitions

Website: the term “Website” refers to the website

Editor: refers to Selectra SARL, editor of the website

We/Us: refers to Selectra SARL, editor of the website

User: refers to any person that uses the website or any of the services offered by the website, as well as any person connected to the website

Customer: refers to any person who has signed a contract with a Selectra SARL partner through Selectra SARL.

Content: the term “User Content” refers to data transmitted by the user in various sections of the website.

Form: the Form refers to the sign-up form or request for information that the user must complete in order to, for example, be connected to a Selectra SARL representative, or to receive a quote from a Selectra SARL partner.

The Comparison Tool: refers to the application supplied by the Editor that enables the comparison between historic and alternative suppliers.

Corporate name: SARL registered with the RCS de Paris under the number 499807147

Legal name: Selectra SARL

Capital stock: 140 000 Euros

Code APE : 7490B

Headquarters: 66 rue Sébastien Mercier – 75015 Paris – France

Contact : [email protected]

Telephone number: 01 86 76 72 47

Web host: OVH, quai du Sartel – 59100 Roubaix

Publication director: Aurian de Maupeou, manager of Selectra SARL – email : [email protected]

Intercommunity VAT Number (Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire) : FR12499807147

Professional liability number (Numéro de responsabilité civile professionnelle): 086714841

Website goal: the goal of the website is to provide information relating to energy and telecommunications (Internet and mobile phone plans). The website is open access and free for all users. By using a service offered by the website it is assumed that the user has accepted the entirety of these terms of use. Ticking the box dedicated to the terms and conditions will be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature from the User. The User recognizes the value of the Editor’s automatic recording system (cookies), and with the exception of contrary evidence, renouces the ability to contest them in the event of a dispute. It is assumed that the user has the legal capacity to accept these terms of service. The terms and conditions are those in effect on the date of the User's visit. We reserve the right to revise these Terms at any moment as we see fit.

The website offers the following services to the User, free of charge:

  • Information about the tariffs and general conditions of service of historic suppliers and alternate electricity and gas suppliers that provide service in metropolitan France, hereafter known as "suppliers".
  • Comparisons of supplier offers for residential and business customers, and to note, when appropriate, annual savings or surcharges (in Euros) according to the fee schedule proposed by the supplier.
  • Access to an online form that allows the user to be contacted by a Selectra SARL representative or to access the website of the supplier and offer chosen by the user.
  • Advice for choosing an energy supply plan based on different consumption profiles.
  • Energy consumption estimation
  • Articles containing varied energy-related information
  • The possibility to participate in group energy purchase via the "Club Selectra", the terms of service for which can be found at
  • Cancellation letter generation service

IV – Compensation

The Editor is compensated by alternate energy suppliers and by partner telecommunications operators according to contracts signed with those partners. As of November 16th, 2015, Selectra SARL’s energy and telecommunications partners are:

  • Antargaz
  • Butagaz
  • Direct Energie
  • Engie (GDF Suez)
  • eni
  • Gazprom Energy
  • Lampiris
  • Planète Oui
  • Proxelia
  • Primagaz
  • Numéricable - SFR
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Virgin Mobile

V – Cancellation letter generation service

Selectra SARL offers a letter generation service available at, known as the "generation service". The users must pay attention to fill in the required information with accuracy and precision (including personal information). By using the generation service, the user accepts that his/her information be saved by the service (see Chapter VII). The response "Yes" to the question "Do you wish to receive more information about the best offers?", indicates authorization for the Editor to contact the user by email or by telephone for marketing purposes.

The user of the generation service may also take advantage of an electronic mailing service of the cancellation letter by registered post. For the purposes of this chapter, the "Principal" refers to the User that has validated the generation service to send the Online Registered Post and the “Service” refers to the service of sending the Online Registered Post by the generation service.

This optional service is offered by Selectra SARL in partnership with MAILEVA (subsidiary of the La Poste group), which commercializes the service of Online Registered Post (Lettre Recommandée En Ligne - LREL). MAILEVA is the technical service provider that prints, packages, envelopes, and sends the User’s mail. Use of the Online Registered Post service implies that the Principal mandates Selectra SARL to send mail on the User’s behalf. The Online Registered Post is delivered by a postal worker and the delivery receipt is sent to Selectra in electronic form. Selectra commits itself to making available the Principal’s delivery receipt for at least one (1) year, starting from the date the Online Registered Post was sent. The Principal may request a copy of the delivery receipt by sending an email to ventes <AT> in which the number associated with the command is clearly mentioned. The generation service indicates the command number to the Principal once the Online Registered Post is sent. This number is also sent to the email address that the Principal has indicated.

Use of this service requires a payment of 7,69€ (taxes included). Payment is by credit card through a secure online payment space hosted by PayPal, which is the payment provider chosen by Selectra. At no moment does Selectra have access to the Principal’s payment details. Payment confirmation automatically activates the sending of mail to Maileva/La Poste, and cannot be cancelled after the event. Use of the Online Registered Post service waives the right of withdrawal before expiry of the statutory period of fourteen (14) days as provided for in Article L121-21-8 (paragraph 1) of the Consumer Code.

As part of a commercial offer, the Editor may offer the Client the opportunity to subscribe to a new energy or telecommunications contract upon sending the Online Registered Post. Provided that subscription to the energy or telecommunications contract is carried out and validated by Selectra SARL, the fee associated with sending the Online Registered Post may be waived. In this case the client will receive a link via email that will allow for the Online Registered Post to be sent for free. This offer is limited to one free service cancellation per client, even in the event that the client subscribes to multiple contracts through Selectra SARL. As a reminder, Selectra SARL manages contract subscriptions only with the energy or telecommunications providers with which the company has commercial relations.

The Principal remains solely responsible for meeting the service obligations of his/her chosen energy and/or telecommunications provider, in accordance with the general terms and conditions agreed to when the contract with the supplier was signed. When appropriate, the Principal is responsible for any cancellation fees that the supplier may charge. The Principal may not request reimbursement for the delivery of the cancellation letter.


VI – Intellectual Property is a website owned by Selectra SARL.

All materials displayed or presented on the website (including, but not limited to text, graphics, articles, photographs, images, and illustrations (also known as the “Content”) are owned by Selectra SARL, with the exception of brand names, logos, or images belonging to other entities or authors, which remain the propriety of their respective owners, in conformity, if it applies, to the Creative Commons Licence. All reproduction, republishing, modification, transmission or distribution of these elements, if they are property of Selectra SARL, is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Selectra Sarl and would constitute counterfeiting. Requests for authorization of content use can be made to [email protected].

VII - Personal Data

1. Déclaration to the CNIL - has declared the collection and processing of your personal data to the French authority for personal data protection (la Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – CNIL). N° de déclaration 1259908. According to the law « Informatique et Libertés » N° 78-17 of 6 Janvier 1978, you have the right of access, modification, and to opposition that you can excercise by contacting [email protected], or by mail to the headquarters: Selectra SARL - 66 rue Sébastien Mercier - 75015 Paris – France. Personal data may be collected during a telephone call, through sending an email to one of the Selectra SARL services, by sending a form requesting information about a Selectra SARL service, by subscribing to the Selectra SARL newsletter or by accepting cookies (which may take place when connecting to the website, submitting a form, or interacting with the website beyond a simple click).

2. Purposes – Personal data is collected:

  • automatically during a visit to our site for statistical purposes, advertising or personalization of your experience;
  • when filling in a form requesting for a quote;
  • during a telephone call, at your initiative;
  • when using our cancellation letter generation service;
  • when subscribing to our mailing list;
  • or to analyze your bills and offer another rate.

3. Recipients – In order to provide our services, we need to collect and process some of your personal data. Selectra SARL is the receipient of such data, but may be required to transmit data to third parties such as, for example, its commercial partners in the event of a subscription to a partner offer.

4. Security – Your personal information could be disclosed pursuant a law, regulation, or following a decision made by a competent regulatory or judicial body, or, if neccessary, for Selectra SARL to protect its rights and interests.

5. Data retention period – Data is stored on the website host, whose details are contained in the Legal Mentions, and are kept for the necessary time to achieve the purposes referred to above. Beyond this period, they will be anonymized and stored for statistical purposes only and will not be exploited in any way.

VIII - Banners

This website may contain advertising banners. In this case, you accept that displays these banners. The terms and subjects of these banners are subject to change without notice

The website may contain links towards third-party sites. These links are established in agreement with the concerned sites at a time during which the website considered it appropriate to do so, given the content and services proposed by these websites. The links present on the website do not consitute a recommendation or validation of third-party websites or of their content. It is up to the user to use information on third-party websites wisely and critically.

X – Photo credits

We use photos from:

  • Fotolia
  • Stocklib

XI – Non-Responsibility Disclaimer

The website is not liable for errors encountered on the site, technical problems, interpretation of information published and consequences of their use. Use of the information presented on the website is under the user’s exclusive responsibility.

Comparison service Provisions :

The comparison service that is available at integrates all suppliers operating in metropolitan France within the Enedis (ERDF) service territory for electricity and GRDF service territory for gas. However, some suppliers descending from Local Distribution Companies (Entreprises Locales de Distribution) cannot be included in the comparison service in the absence of necessary information (e.g. fee schedules, launching dates of offers, etc).

Our comparison service is updated every month according to our methodology.

XII –Jurisdiction

These terms of service are governed by French law. In the event of dispute regarding the interpretation, the execution, or implementation of any provision within these terms, and failing amicable agreement between parties, the Paris Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction litigation.

© Selectra SARL – Tous droits réservés – Dernière mise à jour : 2 décembre 2019