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When red is green: RED recently rebranded with a green logo

Launched in 2012, RED by SFR is SFR's low-cost offshoot. RED by SFR features contract-free plans and online customer service, including a very active community forum.

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  • RED by SFR: The basics
  • All of RED's plans are online-based and sans engagement (contract-free)
  • RED relies on the network of SFR, and RED customers have access to SFR Wifi hotspots
  • RED offers the most options for mobile phone plans but proposes one Internet package option

Launched in 2012, RED was SFR's response to low-cost provider Free's entry into the French mobile phone market. It competes alongside Free, Sosh (Orange), and B&You, focussing on a younger clientele that favours low prices and is commitment-averse.

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RED by SFR appeals to a younger clientele.

All of RED by SFR mobile phone and Internet plans are 100% online and contract-free (sans engagement). RED does not operate a customer service telephone line but can manage your plan anytime online via the RED website. While RED is a part of SFR, you can only seek help in a SFR boutique for certain services, which will charge a service fee.

RED relies on its community forum for troubleshooting and other customer-service related problems. The forum is quite active, and you are likely to find the answers to many of your questions there.

RED by SFR provides both phone and Internet plans, which you will find more details about below. It is worth noting that the provider also issues phone and Internet promotions throughout the year, so check out our page dedicated to discounts every now and then to get yourself the deal that'll best suit your needs and budget.

RED Mobile Phone Offers

All of RED's mobile phone offers include:

  • Cancellation anytime (plans are sans engagement)
  • Access to SFR Wifi hotspots and SFR cellular network coverage
  • RED offers the most options for mobile phone plans but proposes one Internet package option
  • Prices ranging from 5€ to 20€/month
  • Plans range from very basic (5 hours calling time per month, 50 Mb data) to full-service (unlimited calling time, 100 Mb of data + includes free texting, calling and 10 Mb of data within Europe)

Find a full list of RED by SFR mobile phone plan options and prices.

Purchasing a Mobile Phone With RED

RED also sells new and used (reconditionné) phones in its online boutique. It is possible to pay for phones in up to four instalments. Phones sold via the RED boutique are locked to the SFR/RED network.

RED's Internet Offer

RED has one package Internet offer ("box"), which includes Internet + fixed telephone line + TV package in zones dégroupées (unbundled zones). Only Internet + fixed telephone line is available in zones non-dégroupées.

Find out more about the RED ADSL or RED optical fibre offers (including latest prices).

Maximise your savings by choosing a "quadruple play" offer that combines Internet + fixed telephone line + TV package + mobile phone

While RED's Internet plans are sans engagement, RED charges a 49€ fee for cancelling Internet service.

Contact RED by SFR Customer Service

As RED is online-based, your customer service options are primarily online. As mentioned previously, while you may be able to seek assistance for your RED plan in an SFR boutique, you will be charged for using live customer service.

  • You can reach assistance about your RED plan in the following ways:
  • Checking out their online FAQ guides
  • Asking a question in the online forum
  • Speaking with a RED advisor via online chat
  • Downloading the RED & Moi app.

New customers interested in signing up for a plan with RED can receive a live callback by entering their telephone number onthe RED website. Note that all of RED's customer service is in French.

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