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Coriolis, Internet and Mobile Phone Provider in France

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About Coriolis

Coriolis Pronounciation: "corh-rhi-oh-lees"

Created in 1999, former Vodafone subsidiary Coriolis was one of the first MVNOs (Mobile virtual network operator) in France. A pioneer in the French communications market, Coriolis created the Telephone Store network of mobile phone stores. With over 200 boutiques across the country, it is one of the largest mobile phone distributors in France.

In 2008 Coriolis became the first operator to offer plans for the deaf and hearing-impaired (2 hours video calling + data). The operator started offering Internet (ADSL) packages in October 2012 (which rely on SFR's network), and as of September 2015 offer a fiber optic Internet package in the Calvados region.

Coriolis Offers

Coriolis offers the following types of plans:

  • Mobile phone plans with a contract
  • SIM card-only mobile phone plans (forfaits sans engagement)
  • Mobile phone plans for the hearing-impaired
  • Internet plans (ADSL and fiber optic)

Coriolis also sells mobile telephones on their website (new, second-hand, smartphones, phones for seniors, etc).

Coriolis provides both phone and Internet plans, which you will find more details about below. This said, it is worth noting that the provider also issues special deals and discounts throughout the year, so check out our page dedicated to discounts every now and then to get yourself the deal that'll best suit your needs and budget.

Coriolis Internet Offers

As of October, 2018, Coriolis proposes two Internet package offers for ADSL (Internet + fixed telephone line). Prices range from 19.99€/month to 25.99€/month, and contracts are for 12 months, and two offers for optical fiber at a monthly rate of 33.99€ or 36.99€ also with a 12 month contract.

Coriolis Mobile Phone Plans

Coriolis has a wide selection of mobile phone offers, which range from very simple (calling time + text messages) to smartphone plans with data. As of October, 2018, mobile phone plans range from 1.99€/month to 44.99€/month.

Looking for a basic plan? Coriolis proposes some basic plans (calling time + text messages) at very low prices.

Coriolis Network Coverage

As an MVNO, Coriolis relies on SFR for its cellular network and Internet coverage. SFR's 4G network covered 72% of the French population in 2015.

Signing Up for a Mobile Phone Plan With Coriolis

  • You will need to provide the following to sign up for a mobile phone or Internet plan with Coriolis
  • Your contact information: name, valid email address
  • Your full address: street address, apartment number, zip code. Coriolis may need to test your ADSL/Fiber optic eligibility before you sign up for a plan
  • Your banking information (RIB): you need to have a French bank account already set up before you sign up for a postpaid mobile phone plan. Coriolis may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, which is used for activation fees/deposit.

Contact Coriolis

You have the following options for contacting Coriolis customer service:

  • Online: in your personal space (espace client), by webcam/webchat on the Coriolis website, on Facebook
  • Over the phone
  • By post

Coriolis Customer Service Telephone Numbers

Coriolis customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7pm, and Saturday from 9am to 6pm and on Sundays 9 am to 5 pm.

Coriolis Customer Service Numbers
Service Required Telephone Number Notes
Mobile Phone Help 901 (deducted from your calling time), or
09 69 32 10 40 (free when dialed from a landline in France)
You can leave a message for customer service help after hours
ADSL Internet Help 09 69 39 55 30 0,12€+0,01€/min when dialed from a number associated with the Coriolis box
Free when dialed from a fixed line with Orange
Fiber Optic Internet Help 09 70 71 55 55 Free when dialed from a fixed telephone line in France

Find full contact information for Coriolis in our Contact Coriolis page

Coriolis Headquarters

The headquarters (siège social) for Coriolis are located at Immeuble Galliéni, 2, rue Benoît Malon, 92289 SURESNES CEDEX.