La Poste Mobile: Internet and SIM Offers in France

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La post mobile internet and mobile

A subsidiary of La Poste and SFR, La Poste Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which uses SFR's 3G/4G network. La Poste Mobile offers a wide range of mobile plans with various options to meet your mobile phone, call, SMS and data needs, including plans with or without commitment.

La Poste Mobile: the First Independent MVNO in France

La Poste Mobile is an MVNO operated by the historical French postal service group La Poste. Launched in 2011 after having bought 51% of Simplicime from SFR, the operator offers prepaid phone credit, blocked mobile phone plans, and conventional phone packages. La Poste Mobile operates using the SFR network.

  • La Poste Mobile at a glance (As of 2021)
  • La Poste Mobile counted more than 1.8 million customers
  • La Poste Mobile attracted 539,000 customers, including 454,000 subscribers to one of their SIM and mobile phone plans
  • The operator sold its Internet customer base (100,000 customers) to its service provider and minority shareholder SFR

La Poste SIM card and Internet offers

La Poste Mobile provides several kinds of mobile phone plans and Internet offers (via SFR), which you will find more details about below. It is worth noting that La Poste Mobile may also issue special promotions throughout the year, so check out our page dedicated to discount mobile phone and internet offers to find the best deals currently on offer.

No-commitment mobile phone plans

La Poste Mobile's SIM offers (SIM card only), are sans engagement (no fixed term), meaning you can cancel your plan at any time without penalty. Offers range from 2 hours per month to unlimited calling time, for a monthly fee of between 4.99€ and 14.99€ depending on your selected options. Data plans range from 100 MB to 80 GoGB. See the offers below:

La Poste Mobile SIM plans
Offer Calls and texts Data Price (per month)
2H 100MB 2 hours of calls in mainland France 100MB 4.99€ or 0€ for 12 months for Internet clients
30GB Unlimited calls and texts in mainland France and DOM 30GB 9.99€
80GB Unlimited calls and texts in mainland France and DOM 80 GB 14.99€ or 10€ for 12 months for La Poste Internet clients

La Poste Mobile Phone Plans with a Phone

La Poste Mobile offers 3G/4G mobile phone packages that include a new phone (requires a 12 or 24 month commitment). Going with a fixed-term plan can sometimes be a more affordable means of purchasing a new smartphone, with monthly rates ranging from 9.99€ and 39.99€.

La Poste Mobile French prepaid SIM card

Is a prepaid SIM card more suited to your needs? La Poste Mobile also offer classic pay-as-you-go SIM cards without commitment or subscription, allowing you to top-up your data and minutes when you wish to. The cost of the prepaid SIM-only card is 9.90€. Alternatively, you can purchase a prepaid pack (mobile phone included) priced from 19.90€.

La Poste prepaid SIM cards include:

  • Unlimited calls / SMS in mainland France
  • 10€ credit included to use immediately
  • Mobile Internet in mainland France (data limits apply)
  • 4 top-up amounts (adapted to your calls, SMS and Internet data needs)

However, it's worth considering that the recharge options for the La Poste Prepaid SIM are subject to expiry, and must be used within their period of validity. See the timeframes in the below table:

La poste prepaid SIM card calls and data balance top-up
Recharge amount Calls and SMS Internet data Valid for
5€ Unlimited calls and texts 100 MB 7 days
10€ Unlimited calls and texts 500 MB 15 days
20€ Unlimited calls and texts 2 GB 60 days
30€ Unlimited calls and texts 4GB 90 days

The La Poste Mobile prepaid SIM is rechargeable online vie the La Poste Mobile site, by telephone on 2525 or at a Post Office.

Not sure which type of mobile phone plan to choose? Check out our guide to choosing a mobile phone plan in France.

La Poste Mobile Internet Offers

Through its association with SFR, La Poste Mobile offers a full range of Internet offers from fibre optic, ADSL broadband and cable internet (via SFR's THD technology available through the former Numbericable network). The Internet box service is subject to the pricing determined by SFR (including the mandatory modem rental).

Contact La Poste Mobile Customer Service

Whether you are a current client of La Poste Mobile or wish to sign up to one of their mobile phone plans or internet offers, you'll find all the La Poste Mobile contact methods below:

La Poste Customer Service in English

La Poste Mobile does not offer English-speaking customer service for existing customers, however, you may be able to find answers in English on social media via the La Poste Mobile Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you do wish to subscribe to a La Poste Mobile plan or internet offer, Selectra's English-speaking advisers can assist you with the set up of your contracts.

How to subscribe to a La Poste Mobile phone or Internet offer

Wish to set up a La Poste Mobile or Internet plan? Call Selectra's English-speaking subscription helpline on 09 77 55 72 27 or ask for a free callback.

  • You will need to provide the following to sign up for a mobile phone plan with La Poste
  • Your contact information: name, email address, and French mobile phone number
  • Your address: street address, apartment number, zip code
  • Your banking information (RIB): you need to have a French bank account already set up before you sign up for a postpaid mobile phone plan (although some European banks are accepted). Some providers may also ask for your bank card (carte bancaire) information, which is used for activation fees/deposit.

Mobile phone plan set up couldn't be simpler! Find more information about the subscription process in our guide to setting up a mobile phone plan in France.

La Poste telephone contact

Existing La Poste Mobile customers can call 904 from their mobile phones, or 0 970 808 660 from a fixed telephone line (cost of a local call) for customer service.

La Poste Mobile Boutique: the La Poste Office Network

You can also go to any one of the 10 000 post offices throughout France for La Poste customer serivice for your mobile phone or internet plan.

La Poste Mobile Contact Mailing Address

The postal address for La Poste Mobile is the following:

La Poste Mobile Service Client
TSA 16759
95905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex 9