La Poste Mobile: Internet and Phone Offers in France

Subsidiary of La Poste and SFR, La Poste Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which has been relying on SFR's 3G/4G network since May 2011. La Poste Mobile offers a wide range of mobile plans with various options (with or without commitment, with or without a phone included, data included/not included). As of June 2015, La Poste Mobile counted more than 1.2 million customers.

About La Poste Mobile

La Poste Mobile is an MVNO operated by the historical French postal service group La Poste. Launched in 2011 after having bought 51% of Simplicime from SFR, the operator offers prepaid phone credit, blocked mobile phone plans, and conventional phone packages. La Poste Mobile operates using the SFR network.

Internet and Mobile Phone Offers with La Poste Mobile

La Poste Mobile provides several kinds of phone and Internet plans, which you will find more details about below. It is worth noting that the provider may also issue special promotions throughout the year, so check out our page dedicated to discounts every now and then to get yourself the deal that'll best suit your needs and budget.

No-commitment mobile phone plans

La Poste Mobile's SIM range of offers (SIM card only), are sans engagement (no fixed term), meaning you can cancel your plan at any time and without penalty. Offers range from 2 hours per month to unlimited calling time, for monthly rate of between 3.99€ and 18.99€ depending of the options you slect. Data plans range from 100 Mo to 60 Go with 4G speed. Some packages include the possibility to stream from the Universal Music catalogue.

Mobile phone plans that come with a phone

La Poste Mobile offers 3G/4G mobile phone packages that come with a new phone (requires a 12 or 24 month commitment). Going with a fixed-term plan can sometimes be a more affordable means of purchasing a new smartphone, with monthly rates ranging from 9.99€ and 39.99€.

Not sure which type of mobile phone plan to choose? Check out our guide to choosing a mobile phone plan in France.


Through its association with SFR, La Poste Mobile offers fibre optic internet with its Offre Box Très Haut Débit, which at the time of writing came in at 16.99€/month for 12 months (including the mandatory modem rental), instead of 34.99€/month.

Contact La Poste Mobile Customer Service

To sign up for a mobile phone plan with La Poste Mobile over the phone, call 0805 305 009 (free number).

Existing La Poste Mobile customers can call 904 from their mobile phones, or 0 970 808 660 from a fixed telephone line (cost of a local call) for customer service.

The postal address for La Poste Mobile is the following:

La Poste Mobile Service Client
TSA 16759
95905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex 9

You can also go to any one of the 10 000 post offices throughout France for help with your mobile phone or internet plan.

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