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Compare French energy offers

Our English-speaking advisors will help you compare, subscribe and save on your electricity and gas plans.

How to Open a Gas Account in France

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Are you moving to a new home in France and want to find out how to connect utilities? Relax: it's easy! Find out how to get connected to gas supply in our guide.

How the Gas Market Works in France

In France you have a choice of supplier for your gas. Gas suppliers are responsible for arranging gas connections, billing, and customer service.

GRDF Logos New & Old

The gas network operator for most of France is called GRDF. This company is responsible for gas delivery, meter readings, and responding to breakdowns in the network.

However, in most cases, your first point of contact for questions about your gas supply is your energy supplier.

How to Open a Gas Account in France

Step 1: Gather the Right Information

Before calling a gas provider, you need to gather the right information. You will need to have the following information handy when you subscribe to a plan:

natural gas meter in France

A gas meter in France; to read your meter, select the numbers with the black background

  1. Your contact information: full name, e-mail address, (French) phone number
  2. Your full address: If it is a flat, the floor and apartment number are needed (e.g. first floor, door on the right) - don't forget the staircase letter if there are multiple staircases (e.g. Escalier B, flat 2)
  3. The name of the previous occupant: this will help the supplier identify your meter number and site ID
  4. Your banking information: the supplier will ask for your "RIB", which will include your IBAN and BIC number.

If you are able to have the meter number and site ID ("point de livraison") before moving in, this will help the supplier identify your new home to start service.

Step 2: Choose a Gas Supplier and Plan

Once you have assembled the information you need, you can call an energy supplier or a comparison platform to open a gas account.

In an ideal world you would contact an energy supplier about two weeks before moving in to start service. However, this may not always be possible if you do not have other important aspects of settling in France (bank account, telephone number) sorted first.

Need Help Finding a Supplier and Plan? Call Selectra's English speaking customer service at 09 87 67 37 93 or get a free callback (Monday - Friday, 8.30am-8pm; Sat 9.30am-6pm) to get help in finding the supplier and plan best suited to you.

The following companies provide gas supply in France:

Gas Supply Companies Operating in France
antargaz logoAntargaz alterna logoAlterna direct energie logoTotal Direct Energie
edf logoEDF energem logoEnergem engie logoEngie
eni logoEni proxelia logo Proxelia

While Engie is the only supplier that can offer regulated rates ("tarifs réglementés"), competitive suppliers in France often offer better deals.

Most energy suppliers offer dual energy offers (electricity + gas). You can avoid additional paperwork and save on subscription costs by subscribing to a dual fuel plan!

Example of Gas Offers
Provider and Offer Yearly subscription price (incl. taxes) Kilowatthour price (incl. taxes) More information
Logo Direct Energie
Offre Directe Electricité+Gaz
-€ From to € depending on the tariff zone 09 87 67 37 93
Call me back
Logo Eni
Astucio Eco
-€ From to € depending on the tariff zone 09 87 67 37 93
Call me back
Logo EDF
Mon contrat Gaz
-€ From to € depending on the tariff zone 09 69 32 15 15
Logo Engie
Regulated tariffs ("Tarifs réglementés")
249.84€ From to € depending on the tariff zone 09 69 324 324

Last update: October 1, 2023

Step 3: Your Supplier Contacts GRDF

Once you have opened an account, your chosen energy supplier will contact GRDF on your behalf to activate gas connection. If gas was disconnected at your new home (which sometimes happens if it has been some time since the previous occupant moved out), GRDF will send a technician to reactivate the line.

How much does account activation cost?

GRDF charges a fee for new account activation. These fees will be included in your first gas bill.

Type of activation Period Price (€ incl. VAT)
Standard account activation 5 working days 18.58€
Express account activation 24h to 48h 59.61€
Urgent account activation 24h 143.01€

Last update: october 1, 2023

That's it! To close an account, simply call your supplier at least 48 hours before your moving out date to arrange for a final meter reading.

Glossary of Gas-Related Terms
French Term English Definition What it's For
Point de livraison Site ID Helps your energy supplier identify the location of your meter
Prix de l'abonnement Subscription charge Fixed charge to cover fixed costs associated with delivery and providing customer service
Prix par kWh Price per kWh In France, gas is billed according to the amount of energy delivered to your home (and not the volume of gas). At the bottom of your bill you will find a conversion factor, which will describe how much gas you consumed that month
Tarifs réglementés  Regulated rate Regulated rate option offered by Engie. Prices are set by French authorities