Home Insurance Providers in France: Offers and Prices for any Profile

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How to choose a house insurance provider in France

Looking for home insurance in France may appear to be a difficulty that you would prefer to avoid. There are so many and different French insurance providers and so many different prices… A first impression is that it seems difficult to choose the one that would fit your needs. But as it is a legal obligation to subscribe to home insurance for the place you decide to live in France, you will have to make a choice. Our guide will help you to understand the different types of coverage and how you can find your home insurance provider in France, with the best deal for your needs.

  • What to keep in mind
  • Each year you can find more and more offers. In order to choose your future house insurance provider, ask for several quotes and compare all the details;
  • Look for the special offers provided time to time by some home insurance providers;
  • Do not look only for the best price but read carefully the details of the coverage and guarantees;
  • Guarantees and options vary depending on the home insurance providers: from coverage of specific risk to comprehensive insurance with options to extend the guarantee.
  • Every situation is different, look for the French insurance provider that would fit your needs and your specific situation.

Why do you need French home insurance?

What is home insurance?

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What is Home Insurance in France?

Home insurance is a necessary contract for all landlords or tenants. As soon as you look for a place to stay, an apartment, a house, a second house, holiday home, a furnished or unfurnished home, you will need home insurance for it. It is an absolute necessity to claim compensation in any case of damage on the home: fire, water damage, glass damage… And moreover, it is required to cover your liability in any case of an accident.

What are the different types of coverage?

In France, you can usually find 2 different types of coverage:

  • The coverage of specific risks: it is a home insurance scheme that will cover only some specific risks described in the contract. For instance, you can ask for specific coverage for fires, for lightning… In case of damage due to a fire or any other specific risk that you have decided to cover, you will be indemnified under your home insurance contract.

  • The coverage of all risks: comprehensive insurance will cover all types of risk except the event and damages excluded under the contract. This type of home insurance is called MRH
    (MultiRisque Habitation) under French law. It covers all material damages (theft, fire, explosion, water damage, glass damage…) and it includes civil liability for all the people living in the home insured. If you want to cover more options, you can add options and extended warranty.

How to find the best house insurance in France

Depending on your profile and the kind of place you want to insure, the home insurance may vary. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes in order to compare the different options and coverage.

Ask for quotes

How can you choose a house insurance provider? How can you find a good offer for your needs? To get the best deal, you have several options:

  • Go online, on a price-comparison website. Enter the required information, it will give you a simulation with different free quotations for your situation.

  • Ask for several and different French home providers directly by phone or email. They will also be able to answer your questions if you have any and give precise advice regarding your needs.

  • Contact an insurance broker for quotes. He or she will ask for information regarding your personal situation, the place you will live in, and the goods you will have, and then give you a free quote.

Below is our selection of the two French insurers we recommend for expats and any non-French person moving to France, as both providers are experienced with dealing with English customers, and offer quotes and customer service in English.

The following quotes are for an adult tenant, employed, living in a 20 square metre studio in Toulouse. All quotes cover civil liability, fire damage, water damage, natural disasters, technological disasters, riots and acts of terrorism.

Our Selection of English-friendly French Home Insurers for an employed tenant (Prices subject to change, conditions apply)
Name of the insurer What coverage will you get? Price per year (with tax) For more information

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  • Standard coverage: Civil responsibility, Fire and water damage, Natural disasters, Technological disasters, Terrorism
  • Other guarantees included: At-home assistance, Coverage against disasters, Post-Accidental Criminal defence and Legal Expenses (AmE)
€103 Get your free quote now (in English)

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  • Standard coverage: Civil responsibility, Fire and water damage, Natural disasters, Technological disasters, Terrorism
  • Other guarantees included: Theft and Vandalism, Glass breakage, Emergency relocating and repair, Locksmith assistance, AmE.
€123.84 Get your free quote now (in English)

Quotes are presented in price order and were created on 11/04/2019, on each above provider's website. Conditions apply. The providers mentioned have not provided any financial compensation to appear above.

Compare the different criteria

To make your choice between the top home insurance providers, look at different criteria:

  1. Your profile: whether you are a student, a tenant and young worker in a shared house or if you are a landlord, your insurance and coverage needs may vary. Home insurance providers will need to have details about your specific profile in order to provide you with a personalized offer.
  2. Your needs for a guarantee: Regarding the specific place you will live in and the goods you own, your insurance needs would vary. You may want to add some options and include specific risk under your home insurance if, for instance, you have a collection of watches or paintings.
  3. The exclusions under your insurance contract: as prices may vary, so can the exclusions. Pay attention to all the provisions of the offers sent to you by home insurance providers. It will ensure that all your specific needs are covered and that you are aware of all the exclusions.
  4. The deductible and insurance limits: besides the coverage and guarantees, it is very important to know the maximum amount that may be reimbursed in all cases of damages but also to know how much you should pay as a deductible in case of an accident.
  5. The price: The price should not be the first criteria, as it won’t always give you the insurance of good coverage, but it will for sure be the determinant of your choice. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes and compare the value, meaning the quality/price ratio. Check out this article about finding a cheap insurance provider.

Look out for promotional offers

You will find many different French insurance providers, and some of them may, from time to time, come out with special promotional offers. Some big insurance providers have recurring offers during the year. If there is no specific offer at that time, you can still ask the insurer directly if he or she would be open for a personal offer. Do not hesitate to look for these offers and ask for a discount, as it may be an option for you to find the best deal for your house insurance in France.

Even during the promotional and special offer contract, do not forget to compare the prices. A good price does not always mean a good deal if the coverage is not sufficient.

Choose the perfect home insurance for you

In order to find the best French insurance provider for your home or second home, ask for quotes and compare the different offers.

The best home insurance for a student

Students have become a real target for home insurance providers in France. A lot of students have to move into their own place for their studies and therefore, they have to subscribe to their own home insurance. Many different offers exist on the market and some specific options are arising, especially regarding the risk of computer damage. In most cases, it is possible to find home insurance for a student for less than 100 euros per year.

  • One of the main home insurance providers in France, offering the best deal for students is the student home insurance offer from LMDE:

  • LMDE, which is also health insurance, has partnered with AXA (one of the major French insurance companies) to offer the best coverage at the best price to students.
  • A competitive price of 3,25 euros per month (excluding the theft guarantee)
  • Several offers regarding the specific profile of each student and home: a room in a student building, rented flat with or without furniture…
  • Some specific options regarding the specificity of students’ lives: computer damage coverage, travel assistance…
  • Discounts for computer and IT equipment, furniture or car rentals.

The best home insurance for a young working tenant

Many different insurers can present specific offers and good deals for young workers who just jump into working life. Usually, specific insurance for young workers is a good option to be considered as it provides customers with the essential guarantees needed at a much better price than usual insurances for older tenants.

  • Among the main home insurance providers in France offering the best deal for young workers is MRH contract from Amaguiz:

  • Amaguiz has a great deal with a good quality/price ratio for young workers, starting at 7 euros per month for a one-room apartment with the ECO offer.
  • An easy and fast online subscription option
  • One unique online account to manage all the different contracts subscribed (home insurance, car insurance…)
  • Good coverage for essential guarantees
  • Many options to choose from if you have specific coverage needs.
  • A 24/7 support system

The best home insurance for tenants

For tenants, the subscription to a home insurance contract is a legal obligation in France. Therefore the tenant has to insure the apartment or the house rented for all the tenants’ risks and provide the owner with a certificate of home insurance. Many different home insurance providers exist in France, so do not hesitate to compare the different offers.

Besides the civil liability, the home insurance will guarantee the tenant for all:

  • Fires
  • Water damages
  • Thefts or robberies
  • Glass damages
  • Electrical damages
  • Climatic events
  • Natural disaster
  • Terrorist attack…
  • One of the most competitive home insurance offers for tenants is the MRH home insurance provided by Matmut:

  • One of the top home insurance providers in France;
  • Only one contract, with all essential guarantees;
  • Very good value
  • Many different guarantees that can be added as an option if needed;
  • Entire compensation for any replacement of value during the first 24 months (then the value lowers by 10% each year);
  • 24/7 assistance.

The best home insurance for an owner-occupier

As an owner-occupier, there is no obligation for you to subscribe to home insurance for the place you own and live in. Nevertheless, in case of any unforeseen event, you will be liable for all damages caused to your property and to other goods.

The minimum that home insurance offers are the following guarantees:

  • A guarantee on the chattel;
  • A guarantee on the real property;
  • Legal protection;
  • A theft guarantee.
  • One of the best home insurance offers for an owner-occupier is the contract provided by MAAF:

  • One of the top home insurance providers in France;
  • Specific guarantees depending on the owner needs;
  • Chattels and real property covered;
  • Good value and best price;
  • Extended liability guarantee for all family members of the owner;
  • Many different options to choose from in case of need to extend guarantees;
  • Extended compensation;
  • 24/7 assistance.

The best home insurance for a non-owner occupied place

In a non-owner occupied place, the insurance subscribed by the tenant will not cover all the risks. 2 different situations exist:

  1. The owner does not occupy the place but rents it: home insurance is mandatory to cover all risks;
  2. The owner leaves the place empty: the risks of theft are higher, so there is a specific need for insurance in this case as PNO (non-occupier owner) insurance.
  • According to us, the best insurance for a non-owner occupied home is the MRH contract provided by AXA:

  • One of the top home insurance providers in France;
  • Essential guarantees to secure the goods of the owner;
  • Civil liability for the owner;
  • Insurance for rental fees;
  • 24/7 assistance;
  • Furniture ensured up to 5,000 euros.

The solutions for roommates

If an apartment is shared between several roommates, there is still an obligation to subscribe to home insurance. But there are 2 options to be chosen from:

  1. Only one of the roommates subscribes the home insurance for the entire apartment or house and for all the people sharing the place;
  2. Each roommate subscribes to their own home insurance for the place he or she has in the shared apartment.

All home insurance contracts for shared homes provide some essential and mandatory guarantees to ensure civil liability for all roommates.

  • One of the best home insurance provider for roommates is AGPM with its apartment-sharing insurance:

  • Home insurance starting at 55,30 euros per year;
  • All essential guarantees including theft, glass damages and electrical damages;
  • Great value and best deal for people starting in life;
  • Up to 5 people insured in a shared place.