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energy in france

ekWateur -Compare offers and sign-up!

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Since 2016, ekWateur has been a rising star in the French green energy market. Specialising in renewable energy sources, ekWateur offers fully-renewable electricity, natural gas and firewood offers.

Ekwateur Electricity Offers

⚡ Ekwateur is cheaper than the EDF regulated tariff !
Electricity supplier Name of the electricity offer Annual budget Price of yearly meter standing charge Price per kWh
🌱 Green electricity offer !
🏷️ Blocked prices !
Estimated budget

You save
compared to the regulated tariff*
197.9904€ 0.2138€
🌱 Green electricity offer !
🏷️ Indexed prices !
Estimated budget

You save
compared to the regulated tariff*
198.48€ 0.2334€

Same price than the regulated tariff
151.2€ 0.2516€

*Prices € incl. VAT, udated daily. Annual budget calculated for consumption of 9500 kWh in Lille under the Base option (6 kVA).

Ekwateur gas offers

🔥 Ekwateur is more expensive than the Gas Price regulated by the CRE ?
Supplier de gaz Name of the offer de gaz Price of the gas yearly meter charge Price of the gas kWh Estimated annual budget* Estimated savings
CRE logo
PRIX REPÈRE MOYEN DE VENTE DE GAZ NATUREL 257.18 € 0.0913 € Estimated budget
1636 €
Reference rate

*The offers and suppliers listed in this table are free of charge.
Prices € incl. VAT up to date the 15/07/2024. Estimated budget for an annual consumption of 15000 kWh in the tariff zone 1

Ekwateur: French Green Energy Start-up

EkWateur shook up the French energy sector with its arrival in 2016 - a market largely dominated by historic suppliers EDF and Engie. Founders Julien Tchernia and Jonathan Martelli, having previous experience leading an alternative supplier in France (Belgian energy provider Lampiris which is now part of TotalEnergies) launched ekWateur's first offers on the French energy market on September 13, 2016.

Since then, ekWateur has been offering 100% renewable electricity, natural gas, and firewood from sustainably managed forests to households and businessess across France, with spectacular growth - reaching 4,000 energy meters supplied after only three and a half months after market entry.

  • ekWateur essentials (figures as of 2021)
  • 294,000 meters supplied
  • More than 1,000 self-consuming producers
  • First French collaborative energy supplier
  • First French energy operator to offer both renewable electricity and natural gas
  • 6th best green energy provider according to Greenpeace
  • Supplies energy to all the ministries in France since 2020
  • Energy provider to 53 public establishments since 2017

What's Innovative About ekWateur?

ekWateur positions itself as part of the collaborative economy, "at the intersection of ecological, economic, and digital transitions". In addition to providing electricity sourced 100% from renewable sources (which is also offered by the likes of Ilek, Enercoop, and TotalEnergies), ekWateur also provides renewable natural gas, which it sources from biomethane produced in Scotland. Since 2017, the supplier has been chosen by the French State to provide energy for 53 public buildings, including the Picasso Museum, the Météo France HQ and the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel.

ekWateur's collaborative business model is also an innovation on the French retail energy market. In addition to financing through the crowdfunding platform LUMO, the energy supplier involves existing ekWateur customers in their sales strategy, and will pay them for joining the ekWateur service client collaboratif initiative, tasked with answering customer service enquiries over the phone or by chat.

Additionally, ekWateur helps clients produce their own energy through self-consumption, offering three options for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, as well as the ability to purchase all or the surplus energy produced. Previously, only EDF was authorised to purchase energy produced by its customers.

Support Green Energy in France with ekWateur

ekwateur green energy

Each kWh consumed by ekWateur customers is certified by guarantees of origin purchased by the supplier, attesting to the green origin of the electricity.

The sources and origin of electricity at ekWateur are today only hydraulic and French. The company obtains its supplies from small power plants in Savoie, Marne and Aude. Choosing ekWateur therefore also means supporting small French producers and increasing the share of green electricity in the network.

Ekwateur Energy Prices

ekWateur energy prices

While green energy is often considered to be more expensive than "conventional" energy sources, ekWateur guarantees client that they will not pay more than the regulated rates charged by historical providers EDF and Engie.

Regarding electricity, rather than indexing the price of its kWh of green electricity to the regulated tariff, ekWateur indexes it on the EPEX wholesale market where the main suppliers buy their electricity. As a result, Ekwateur's electricity price per kWh is significantly cheaper than the regulated tariff.

For its natural gas offers, ekWateur indexes on the PEG wholesale market, a European benchmark, leading to a gas price per kWh often much cheaper than the regulated tariffs, depending on the customer's consumption class and town of residence. Ekwateur ensures that at least 5% of its customers' consumption comes from biomethane, produced by the decomposition of agricultural waste and of 100% French origin. Clients also have the option to select the 100% biomethane offer, where ekWateur guarantees that all of the customer's consumption will be injected in the form of green gas into the French network. However, this assumes a higher price per kWh than with the 5% version.

To support its fixed costs, the supplier compensates with a subscription that is slightly more expensive, but which does not prevent savings.

Ekwateur is therefore a logical choice for those who wish to contribute to the energy transition, without paying more. If you're considering subscribing with ekWateur, here are the key elements you need to know about their offers and prices.

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Buying firewood in France with ekWateur

EkWateur also sells wood for woodburners, offering 100% renewable heating. Sold in pallets, this wood has a humidity level 2 times lower than conventional firewood. In addition, it comes from French forests and is untreated.

You can get a quote for wood online on the ekWateur website in the "Firewood" section and searching for your postcode and town.

How to take advantage of ekWateur sponsorship

EkWateur also offers customers a reward when they refer a friend through the referral program. Clients benefit from "free" electricity credit (equal to 150 kWh) for each new referral.

Simply log into your ekWateur customer area (espace client) and go to the "Sponsorship" section. Your customer reference or e-mail address can then be used as a sponsorship code to send to the future ekWateur client.

How to open an account with Ekwateur

By subscribing to electricity and or gas from ekWateur, customers are guaranteed to be making a real contribution to the development of green energy in France. To obtain a quote and subscribe to one of the electricity and or gas offers with ekWateur, simply use the contact details below:

Subscribe to ekWateur by telephone, in English! Call Selectra at 09 87 67 37 93, or get a free callback.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to an ekWateur offer online at:

  • Documents required to set up to an energy contract
  • The PDL number for electricity (and/or PCE number for gas).
    These are listed on your energy bills
  • The name of the former occupant in the context of a move
  • Meter readings to establish the most accurate consumption at the start of the contract
  • Your IBAN details if you choose direct debit

Ekwateur Billing and Payment Methods

No French bank account? No problem! Ekwateur is one of the rare French energy providers that allow you to pay your bills with a European (SEPA) IBAN or by credit card. Handy if you've just moved to France and don't yet have a French bank account.

EkWateur billing options

With ekWateur, customers have the choice of either:

  • Getting billed on a monthly basis: in this case, the amount to pay is set through an estimation of annual consumption, which is then divided and evenly spread over the course of the year. If there has been an overestimation, then you will receive the due refund, just like you may need to pay an extra charge eventually if your consumption has been underestimated.
  • Getting billed every other month: in this case, the client can choose to pay based on an estimation, or pay based on actual consumption. In this second scenario, the customer has to read their meter every other month and communicate the meter readings to the ekWateur, or have the indexes automatically provided if their property is equipped with a Linky meter.

The payment methods accepted by ekWateur

For monthly billing, the only payment method is through direct debit. For bi-monthly billing, you can select from the following payment methods:

  • By credit card, via your ekWateur account (espace client)
  • Direct debit, a hassle-free method. Ekwateur accepts European IBANs if you haven't yet set up a French bank account
  • Energie Check

How to Contact ekWateur

Existing ekWateur customers have a dedicated customer service telephone number, and can also contact ekwateur online on their ekWateur espace client, via chat and email, and on the ekwateur Facebook and Twitter accounts.

EkWateur Contact lines in English

Ekwateur telephone number in English

Existing clients can find Ekwateur customer service in English, too! The Ekwateur telephone number for English speakers is the same as the ekWateur French service line at 09 77 40 66 66 - simply inform client service that you wish to speak to an English-speaking advisor.

Additionally, customers can contact Ekwateur in English online via direct message on their social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter. The added benefit - clients have reported that ekWateur advisors typically respond faster online.

Ekwateur telephone number for existing clients

Ekwateur customer service is based in Le Mans and Reims, France. You can contact an ekWateur advisor at 09 77 40 66 66 (price of a local call), Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ekwateur email address

You can also reach Ekwateur by email at [email protected]. EkWateur acknowledges receipt of the request within 48 hours and undertakes to provide a response within 2 weeks at most.

EkWateur online chat

Ekwateur online chat

It is possible to contact ekWateur via the online chat service. EkWateur insists that it is not a robot but a human who responds to the customer.

To chat with an Ekwateur advisor online, simply go to the website to access your ekWateur customer area.

Contact ekWateur on Facebook or Twitter

ekWateur Facebook account
Ekwateur client service is available on Facebook

Ekwateur is also present on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, it is possible to chat to and ekWateur advisor via Messenger. On average, ekWateur responds within a few hours.

The supplier shares anti-waste tips, blog articles, energy saving tips and testimonials on its pages. We notice that the ekWateur community is also very active and customers help each other.

Ekwateur postal address

For complaints or terminations, some customers prefer to send a letter by post. You can contact ekWateur via post at this address:

ekWateur - Customer Service
BP 40056

Contact Ekwateur Paris head office

The Ekwateur head office is located in Paris at the following address:

JOUL - ekWateur
37 rue de la Rochefoucauld
75009 Paris