energy in france

Proxelia - How to sign up and get more information

Our English-speaking advisors are available to help you open an energy account in your name with Proxelia

energy in france

Proxelia - How to sign up and get more information

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Proxelia is a Picardy-based energy supplier that was created by the fusion of three local distribution companies. It offers energy deals across the service territories for Enedis (ERDF) and GRDF.

Proxelia's Electricity and Gas Offers

Proxelia offers two types of electricity supply options (green electricity and conventional), as well as a dual fuel plan (Proxelia Duolia). Prices are more or less competitive, depending on the option chosen and fuel.

Offer Per kWh Rate Subscription Charge Notes Contact
Proxelia Domelia 5% discount compared to regulated tariffs 5% discount compared to regulated tariffs No commitment
Fixed prices for one year
09 87 67 37 93 or call me back
AlpEnergie No guaranteed discount compared to EDF regulated tariffs No guaranteed discount compared to EDF regulated tariffs 100% green electricity
Proxelia Duolia 0% discount compared to regulated tariffs Fixed prices for one to two years, no guaranteed discount compared to regulated tariffs No commitment

About Proxelia

Proxelia was created in 2004 by three local distribution companies (in French: entreprises locales de distribution - ELD): SER Lassigny, la SICAE de la Somme et la SICAE Oise (SICAE : Sociétés d'Intérêt Collectif Agricole d'Electricité), which were created after World War I as part of a movement of rural electrification. The companies fused as a response to the future opening of the electricity market in 2007, in order to take advantage of economies of scale (the three companies serve 210 000 customers across their respective territories). Proxelia and the three companies that make up it are associated with the Electralabel Group and the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône.

The three ELD hold the majority of share capital (66%), but 34% is owned by the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône and Engie (which has since acquired Electrabel). The company is currently headed by Mr Jean-Michel MILCO (Chairman) and Ms. Nadège NOE (CEO).

Proxelia's expansion has focussed mainly on the north of France, especially Picardy, and its main selling point is as a local business serving its region.

How to Contact Proxelia

Find out all the means you can use to contact the provider below.

Call Proxelia Customer Service

Proxelia's customer service helpline is available for both new and existing customers at 0810 600 509 (cost of a local call), Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

When to Call Proxelia Customer Service

Waiting times are generally minimal with Proxelia. The best times to call are midday, or on Friday.

Average Observed Waiting Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning (8:30 am - 12 pm) Medium Medium Low
Midday (1:30 pm - 3 pm) Low
Afternoon ( 3 - 5:30 pm) Medium

Email Proxelia

You can email your customer service concerns to [email protected]

Contact Proxelia online

You can also alternatively fill out the dedicated Proxelia online form (in French).

Proxelia Postal Address

Contact Proxelia via post at:

21 rue des Cordeliers
60200 Compiègne

Why Contact Proxelia Customer Service?

Proxelia customer service can help you with the following issues:

  • Opening an account with Proxelia
  • Question about the steps to follow for moving
  • Problem with your contract or change the settings of your contract (billing method, change of billing address ...)
  • Specific questions about the offers and rates offered by Proxelia
  • Cancelling your contract

Other Electricity and Gas Contacts

While Proxelia should be your first point of contact for all customer service questions, you should contact the local grid operator in the event of an emergency, such as a power outage or gas leak.

Contact Enedis

Enedis is the grid operator for 95% of France. Contact Enedis for power outage response or for requests for new service installation. The telephone number for reporting power outages and other electricity-related emergencies is 09 72 67 50 ** (with the last two digits representing your postal code - for Paris, the number would be 09 72 67 50 75). Find the number for new service installation in our guide to Enedis telephone numbers.

Contact GRDF

GRDF is the network operator for natural gas in France. Call 0 800 47 33 33 for assistance with a gas emergency, or call 09 69 36 35 34 for customer service

How to Open an Account With Proxelia

Signing up for an electricity account or natural gas account with Proxelia is simple, and takes only a few minutes. You can either contact them directly over the phone, or sign up online on their website.

  • You need to have the following information in order to open an energy account with Proxelia
  • Your contact information: name, e-mail address, phone number
  • The full address of your new accommodation. Don't forget the floor and apartment number if it is a flat (e.g. third floor, door on the left)
  • The name of the previous occupant
  • Your banking information (RIB) (IBAN and BIC, if you choose automatic payment)