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Moving to France

Guide to Moving to France: How to Set Up Visas, Bank Accounts, Rental Agreements, and Utilities

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Moving to France? Find out what you need to do to get all the basics set up in our guide.

Driving in France in 2019: requirements, checklist and advice

Planning a road trip in France? Moving to the French countryside and taking your car with you? Whatever your situation, if you’re planning to get behind the wheel in France, it’s important to be aware of the regulations in place. Find out all about these rules, with tips and more below.

Driving in France: important specificities

France is a very regulation-heavy country when it comes to driving, and some aspects of the law may differ from the rules from where you come from. In particular, be aware of the following specificities:

Visa for France: Requirements and Application Process in 2019

Soon moving to France to start a new job? Planning a trip to Paris or an escape to the French Riviera next summer? Whatever your reason for considering a trip to France and however long you plan to stay, you may need to get a Visa. All the details about the requirements and application process are below.

Do I need a French Visa to enter and stay in France?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, mainly a person’s nationality, the reason of travel and the duration of their stay.

État des lieux (inventory of fixtures in France): download and FAQ

The état des lieux is a report that is an important step in the rental process, and is not to be overlooked! Our Frequently Asked Questions guide to the état des lieux in France explains everything you need to know about this essential piece of paperwork. 

Expat Advice: How to Call Important French Numbers from Abroad

French customer service can be difficult to navigate, especially when you are calling from abroad. To save you time and headaches, we've put together this guide to reaching utilities and other important French companies from abroad

Learn how to dial to and from France in our guide to calling in France

How to Call to and from France

English Language Customer Service Helplines in France

Sometimes, particularly in urgent matters, you just need to speak English to communicate effectively. While France is not well-known for widespread English, you can increasingly find English-speaking help with larger companies and organisations. Here is our list of major services that offer English-speaking customer helplines.

Emergency Numbers in France


Whether you are moving to France or visiting for a short period of time, knowing these emergency numbers will help you to be prepared and stay safe in the event of an accident or emergency. Find out who to call, and what to say if you encounter an emergency situation in France.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Utilities in France

Your ultimate guide to setting up utilities here

Moving to France and feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork? Look no further. We've got everything you need to know about your utilities in France, all in one place!

Guide to Calling in France

young woman talking on a mobile phone

New in France? Learn all about making calls in France in this guide.


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