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Compare French energy offers

Our English-speaking advisors will help you compare, subscribe and save on your electricity and gas plans.

Who are ERDF and GRDF? What are ELDs?

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The energy market in France can be confusing - even for the French! When you're moving to France and need to set up electric and gas utilities, you will no doubt come across a series of acronyms: ERDF, GRDF, ELD. What are they, and how are they connected to your energy supply? Find out in our guide.

ERDF - the distribution system operator for electricity

The old and new logos for ERDF

What is ERDF?

Note: as of June, 2016, ERDF's new name is Enedis

ERDF (Électricité Réseau Distribution France) - now known as Enedis is the distribution grid operator for electricity in the majority of France (95% of the country). Enedis is a public limited company, and is a subsidiary of EDF, the historic power provider in France.

Enedis has two main responsibilities:

  1. To operate and maintain electricity delivery on its network 
  2. To guarantee non-discriminatory access to the public electricity network, meaning that whoever your energy supplier might be, you will benefit from the same service.

What does ERDF (Enedis) do?

Enedis's activity is essential for customers:

  1. Enedis installs new electricity service for newly built homes
  2. Enedis takes care of technical interventions on electric meters: reactivations, deactivations, power modifications, change of rate option (switching from a base fare to a heures pleines/heures creuses)
  3. Enedis reads your meter: once or twice a year, so that your supplier can ajust your monthly payments to your actual electricity consumption
  4. Enedis takes care of breakdowns on its network: Enedis responds to power outages and downed lines on its network

How can I contact ERDF (Enedis)?

Depending on your situation, the number to reach Enedis will vary.

Who Should I Call?


Who to Call

Helpful Phrases

You are moving in & need to open an electricity account

Call an energy provider directly or Selectra (price comparison platform): 09 87 67 37 93 or ask for a free callback.

The energy supplier will contact Enedis on your behalf to activate your power line once you have subscribed to a contract.

No need - Selectra speaks English!

Power outage

Enedis Emergency: 09 72 67 50 **. ** is the number of your department. For example, the number for Paris is 09 72 67 50 75, and the number for Lyon is 09 72 67 50 69.

"coupure d'électricité"/"panne de courant": Power outage

You want to connect your newly-built home to the network?

Enedis Connection: find the number for your city

"Raccordement": Electric service installation

You have a question about your electricity contract

Contact your electricity supplier's customer service

"Service client": customer service

GRDF - the distribution system operator for gas

What is GRDF?

The old and new logos for GRDF

GRDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) is the distribution system operator for gas in the vast majority of France. It is a subsidiary of Engie (formerly known as GDF-Suez), the historic gas supplier.

GRDF has two main responsibilities:

  1. To deliver a safe and secure gas supply to its customers.
  2. To maintain the distribution system (GRDF is the system operator, but does not actually own the network).

What does GRDF do?

GRDF is often in direct contact with clients. This is what GRDF does:

  1. GRDF installs new gas connections to the gas network
  2. GRDF reads your gas meter every six months to make sure your supplier bills you for the correct amount of consumption
  3. GRDF takes care of technicals interventions such as start-ups, meter changes, deactivations, etcetera
  4. GRDF takes care of breakdowns on the gas network

How can I contact GRDF?

You want to connect your home to the gas distribution grid? Call our English-speaking advisors at 09 87 67 37 93 or ask for a free callback (M-F 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm) or request an estimate (in French).

To reach GRDF:

  • For any customer service concerns, you can contact GRDF by calling the following number: 09 69 36 35 34.
  • In case of gas leaks, the GRDF emergency number is 0 800 47 33 33. This number is free of charge. Your contact will diagnose the situation and decide whether you need an emergency intervention or a simple breakdown service. You will also be given security guidelines.

ELDs - local distribution system operators

What are ELDs?

ELDs ("entreprises locales de distribution") are local distribution system operators for electricity or gas (and sometimes both). Originally, the electricity and gas distribution grids in France was detained by cities. In 1946, when the unification of the energy networks was voted, some cities preferred to remain independent, hence the ELDs. They represent around 5% of French territory. The vast majority of France's distribution grids belong to ERDF (for electricity) and GRDF (for gas).

Usually, alternative energy providers are not present in ELD territories. As such, ELDs often enjoy a monopolistic situation both on distribution and provision over their territory.

There are more than 100 ELDs in France, and some of them are in major cities:

  • In Bordeaux, gas is distributed by an ELD (Gaz de Bordeaux). Electricity is distributed by ERDF.
  • In Metz (Alsace), both electricity and gas are distributed by an ELD called UEM.
  • In Grenoble (Rhône-Alpes), both electricity and gas are distributed by an ELD called GEG.

What do ELDs do?

Unlike ERDF and GRDF, ELDs have two different fields of activities, as they combine distribution and provision:

  1. Maintenance and management of the distribution network (like ERDF or GRDF)
  2. Electricity and/or gas supply (like an energy provider)

How do I get in contact with them?

Wondering if your new accommodation in France is in ELD territory? Enter your postcode and click on "Comparer les offres". If your accommodation is on an ELD territory, a warning popup will appear - which includes the phone number and name of your ELD. Otherwise, your house is distributed by ERDF and GRDF.