Guides to Mobile Phone and Internet Plans in France

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Looking for a Mobile Phone or Internet Plan in France?

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telecom in france

Looking for a Mobile Phone or Internet Plan in France?

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Moving to France soon? Just bought a second home in Brittany? Planning an Erasmus in Paris or a road trip along the French Riviera? Whatever your reason for going to France, it's a good idea to arrived prepared and aware of how to get a French phone and internet plan that will fit your needs. Follow our guides to find out more.

Guides to phone deals in France

Setting up a Mobile Phone Deal in France

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One of your top priorities, once you arrive in France, is to get yourself a French phone number, which will significantly ease administrative procedures, and will be very certainly cheaper than relying on your current non-French plan - although you might be able to get away with it for a short period of time since roaming charges in Europe have now been scrapped.

More information on how to get a mobile phone in France in our guide.

How to unlock a Mobile Phone to Use in France

You may need to unlock your phone before you can start using a French SIM card while in France.

Find out how and why to unlock your phone to use in France in our guide.

Getting a Prepaid Phone Plans in France

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For lower budgets or people not planning a long term stay in France, an easy and cheap solution can be to invest in a pay-as-you-go plan. Prepaid phones are very handy for short stays, but if you're staying in France for an extended period of time, you are probably better off with a phone plan (forfait).

Our guides explain everything you need to know about using prepaid phones in France, as well as how to get set up with an international SIM card if you have a higher budget and wish to get online on your phone in various countries (if you're planning a trip across Europe and Asia for instance).

Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract in France

With so many phone offers on the market, it might feel a little overwhelming and difficult to choose the right cell phone provider and offer in France.

Our guide to mobile phone plan options in France explains the various types of plans available, their advantages and disadvantages, and is full of other helpful tips for choosing the right plan that meets your needs. You can also learn more about unlimited data phone plans in France, and also make sure to check out this page for the current best phone deals in France which are updated every week.

Guides to mobile phone deals in France

If you feel the need to get a fixed-line for your home or second residence in France, follow this guide to learn how to set up your fixed telephone line in France.

Changed your mind about a French plan? Find out how to switch phone operators here, and how to cancel a French phone plan here.

Guides to broadband deals in France


How to get Internet in France

Another priority for you when settling in France might be to find an Internet contract in France. French providers will often offer packages including Internet + a fixed telephone line and/or television (these are known as "triple play" offers). This said, if you don't want to get a landline along with your Internet deal, you can also get an Internet contract with no landline deal, too. Find out more about how to get Internet in France.

Understanding the French Dégroupage

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Even though there is a strong and ongoing competition between providers on the French market, some parts of the country are still under the entire control of the historic telecom company, Orange - and these zones are known as "zones non-dégroupées" (vs the "zones dégroupées" which are under free competition). It is thus important to find out whether your home is in a dégroupée zone or not, as this may affect which Internet deals you are eligible to. Learn about this French-specific system and how it impacts your phone and Internet options in this guide to dégroupage in France.

Getting online in Non-Dégroupées Zones

If your home or second residence is located in a zone non dégroupée, as explained above you may be limited in your phone and Internet options. Find out which plans can be compatible for you in our guide to options in zones non degroupées.

Getting Internet for a Second Home in France

If you aren't going to be living in France all-year-round and rather only visiting France during holidays, for instance, follow our guide to find the best options to get Internet for a second home in France.

Getting Satellite Internet in France

For homes located in rural areas, a viable solution to get online is via satellite technology, thanks to providers such as Europasat or Nordnet. Find out everything about this in our guide to satellite Internet in France.