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Compare French energy offers

Our English-speaking advisors will help you compare, subscribe and save on your electricity and gas plans at [email protected]. You can contact us also:


Compare French energy offers

Our English-speaking advisors will help you compare, subscribe and save on your electricity and gas plans.

Guides to Electricity and Gas Service in France

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Freshly arrived in France and already having to deal with the administrative challenges associated with setting up utilities? Our guides to setting up electricity and gas service in France explain everything that you need to know about setting up utilities in the country.

How to Open Your Accounts for Electricity and Gas in France

There are a few things that you will need to already have set up before you can open a utilities account in France, namely a French phone number and a French bank account. Our guide to moving to France explains everything you need to know about moving to France, from how to get a visa for France to how to set up your phone and Internet service in France. If you're trying to anticipate a budget for your time in France, our guide to average energy bills in France will help you calculate some of the costs of living in France.

Will My Electronic Devices Work in France?Find out more about plugs and voltage in France in our guide

Electricity and gas markets are open to competition in France, and you have to open an account with an energy supplier in order to have service. The electricity and natural gas delivery networks are run by Enedis (formerly ERDF) and GRDF respectively. Find out more about Enedis (ERDF) and GRDF, including when & how to contact them.

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How to Open an Electricity Account in France

In France you have a choice of electricity supplier. To start electric service in France, you need to choose a plan and supplier with whom you will open an account, which means that your first step is to compare prices and plans (in French). Our guides explain your price and supplier options as well as describe step-by-step how to open an electricity account in France.

How to Open an Account for Natural Gas in France

The process for starting gas service in France is the same as it is for electricity: simply choose a supplier and plan, and contact them directly to open an account.

Electricity Prices in France

Electricity in France is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the European Union, largely thanks to the country's reliance on nuclear-generated power. Residential customers can choose between purchasing electricity supply at the regulated rate from EDF, or signing up for a competitive plan from an alternate supplier. Competitive suppliers often offer lower rates than the regulated rate, which has increased by 30% between 2003 and 2014.

Gas Prices in France

The price of natural gas in France is roughly the same as the European Union average. When you sign up for a natural gas plan with an energy supplier you can choose between a competitive rate with an alternate supplier, or the regulated rate with Engie (formerly GDF Suez). Regulated rates have increased by 70% between 2005 and 2014. Competitive plans offer savings compared to the regulated rates for gas in France.

Find out more about natural gas prices in France:

Setting up Propane

If your home in France is in a rural area, you may find it more practical to set up propane for your home, by purchasing propane bottles or maybe even get a propane tank installed. There are five main propane gas suppliers, and prices can vary greatly. Learn all about using propane for your home in France in our guide.

Switching Energy Suppliers

You have a wide choice of energy suppliers in France, so it's worth comparing all the offers on the market to find which one is the most suited to your needs. Switching suppliers is easy, risk free, and can save you money on your energy bills. Learn more about how to switch energy suppliers in France in our guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy

Understanding Your Energy Bill

Each energy supplier presents billing information slightly differently, which can sometimes be confusing - especially if French is not your first language! Our guide to understanding your French electricity or gas bill will help make reading your French energy bills a breeze!

Complaints Procedures About Energy

While energy supply is generally quite efficient and straightforward in France, sometimes problems happen. Your first course of action should always be to contact the customer service of your energy supplier if you encounter a problem. However, there are institutions that can help you if you ever encounter a serious problem with your energy supply that you cannot resolve with your supplier and wish to make a formal complaint. Check out our guide to filing a complaint about your energy supplier in France for more information.

Payment Help

Depending on your nationality and/or residence status in France, you may be eligible for financial assistance with your energy bills. Check back soon for information about options for help with energy bills in France.

If you need help with understanding the technical terms on your French energy bill, this guide about energy bill translation of important terms from French to English will be able to help you out.