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Subsidiary of the well-known oil major, TotalEnergies is the largest alternative supplier in France, with already over 4 million customers. Offering both electricity and gas for residential and business customers, TotalEnergies is the main competitor for historical suppliers EDF and Engie.

TotalEnergies in 2021 In April 2021, the Total group announced that it had reached a historic milestone for TotalEnergies with 5 million customers in France (professionals and individuals). It aims for a 15% market share by 2025, compared to 10% today.

About TotalEnergies


TotalEnergies was formed in 2019 when the energy providers Total Spring and Direct Energie came together following their fusion. The company sells gas and electricity contracts to businesses and residential customers alike. Today, Total Energies' customers benefit from the expertise of two major players in the energy sector in France, and their fusion has made this new energy provider the largest alternative energy supplier in France.

Somewhat like Free Mobile in the French telecommunications market, Total Energies has positioned itself based on its ability to offer some of the lowest energy prices on the French market. Low overhead costs and strategic procurement procedures have enabled it to guarantee prices that are lower than the regulated tariffs (Tarif Bleu).

Total Energies energy supply comes from a combination of its own generation production as well as procurement on the wholesale market. The company operates natural gas-fired power plants, as well as several hydroelectric generation facilities.

What happens for former Direct Energie clients?The creation of Total Direct Energie has no impact on the offers, tariffs and T&Cs for ex-Direct Energie customers. You don't have to do or change anything to your contract.

Total Energies Offers

As is the case for all energy plans in France, Total Energies offers are sans engagement, meaning that customers can leave at any time without penalty.

Total Energies' offers are pegged to the regulated tariffs, offering guaranteed savings.

TotalEnergies : offers
Offers Meter standing rate kWh price incl. VAT
🌱 Green offer !
🏷️ Fixed rates !
150.642€ 0.2261€

*Data updated daily. Prices displayed for a consumption d'électricité de 12500 kWh (6 kVA en option base) à La Rochelle.

Tariffs for the Total Energies Green Offer


Total Energies offers green electricity via a certification of origin system ("Garanties d'Origine"). How this works is that the company buys electricity on the energy market, and simultaneously will invest in equivalent warranties of origin which are delivered to green producers.

Total Energies guarantees that all the certifications it purchases are of French origin and from hydroelectric, wind, and biomass sources. By doing so, the supplier is, as other green energy providers in France, striving to encourage and finance a more renewable energy consumption in the country.

Total Energies offers its clients a fixed tariff for its green electricity, along with comprehensive customer service.

Here is how much you will be paying for this offer, for electricity and gas.

Price list for Offre verte fixe électricité TotalEnergies base option
TotalEnergies Yearly meter standing cost kWh price - base
3 kVA 114.357679 € 0.22608 €
6 kVA 150.64196 € 0.22608 €
9 kVA 189.584842 € 0.2568 €
12 kVA 229.287324 € 0.2568 €
15 kVA 266.331205 € 0.2568 €
18 kVA 302.995287 € 0.2568 €
24 kVA 384.55245 € 0.2568 €
30 kVA 454.082613 € 0.2568 €
36 kVA 535.892977 € 0.2568 €

Prices in euros (TTC) for offer Offre verte fixe électricité by TotalEnergies last updated : 26/11/2023

Price list for Offre verte fixe électricité TotalEnergies peak / off-peak option
TotalEnergies Yearly meter standing cost kWh price
peak hours
kWh price
off peak hours
3 kVA 0 € 0 € 0 €
6 kVA 158.74 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
9 kVA 202.05 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
12 kVA 244.35 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
15 kVA 284.75 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
18 kVA 324.77 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
24 kVA 396.07 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
30 kVA 469.4 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €
36 kVA 543.62 € 0.30324 € 0.17844 €

Prices in euros (TTC) for offer Offre verte fixe électricité by TotalEnergies last updated : 26/11/2023

And for gas:

Price list for Offre Verte Fixe gaz TotalEnergies
TotalEnergies Yearly meter standing cost Gas kWh price
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
103.44 € 0.1352 € 0.1359 € 0.1372 € 0.1384 € 0.1401 € 0.1423 €
258.72 € 0.1072 € 0.1087 € 0.1106 € 0.1136 € 0.1171 € 0.1217 €

Prices in euros (TTC) for offer Offre Verte Fixe gaz by TotalEnergies last updated : 26/11/2023

Subscribe to a Total Energies Offer

Think these offers could be right for you? If you want to start a Total Energies contract, here is how to proceed.

Switching to Total Energies


Switching energy providers is a very simple and quick process in France. It doesn't require you to inform your current provider, Total Direct Energie will take care of this for you. Your access to energy won't be interrupted or cut during the change, and there is no need to change your meter either. As is the law in france, the process to change energy providers is entirely free.

To subscribe with Total Energies, you can simply call Selectra's English-Speaking advisers at 09 87 67 37 93 directly, or ask for a free callback. An agent will help you and guide you through the process.

To make the change quick and efficient, make sure you gather the following documents before making the call:

  • The latest bill from your former provider;
  • A recent meter reading;
  • Your billing details if you wish to opt for direct debit for your future bills with Total Direct Energie.

Total Energies does not have an English-speaking helplineIt is important to note that Total Direct Energie will not be able to provide you with assistance in English once you become their client. Keep this in mind if you don't feel comfortable with speaking French yet!

Open a Total Energies contract when moving home


Moving home?

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The process of subscribing to a Total Energies offer is a little different if you are moving home in France, and account opening fees to put the meter in your name will apply (this fee is the same regardless of which energy company you choose to set up an energy account with).

Once the subscription is finalised, you may also require a technician appointment from Enedis / GRDF to come by your home to activate your meter (if your property does not possess a connected Linky smart meter). Total Direct Energie will serve as the intermediary between you and the relevant network company to set up an appointment.

Below are the set prices for this intervention, which are regulated and are the same regardless of the supplier you subscribe to.

Meter opening fees (as of August 2020)
Meter status Electricity (Enedis) Natural gas (GRDF)
With or without an energy supply cut Standard: within 5 days €16.79 (with tax) €19.39 (with tax)
Express: within 24 to 48 hours €55.07 (with tax) €62.24 (with tax)
Urgent: the same day €52.97 € to 132.40 €(with tax) €149.35 (with tax)
Smart meters Within 24-48 working hours €16.79 (with tax) -
First time opening a meter after connecting it to an energy supply Under 10 days (electricity)/ within 5 days (gas) €50.10 (with tax) €19.39 (with tax)

The Total Energies Customer Service

Here are all the Total Energies contact channels to get in touch with the provider:

Contact Total Energies by telephone

Total Energies has developed a strong reputation for good customer service, with Direct Energie having won "Service Client de l'année" (Customer Service of the Year) for eight consecutive years. Find out how to contact the provider below.

New Customers


New customers wanting to subscribe to Total Energies can call 09 87 67 37 93 or get a free callback for the Selectra English-speaking customer service.

Existing Customers

Existing customers can call 09 70 80 69 69 to reach TotalEnergies customer service, available Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Contact the Total Energies Headquarters

The phone number for Total Energies headquarters is 01 55 48 05 80. The address is:

Total Energies S.A
2 bis, rue Louis Armand
75015 PARIS

You can also check out this more extensive article about all the ways to contact the Total Energies customer service.


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