What is an Average Energy Bill in France?


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Energy prices in France are often relatively cheap, especially compared to many other countries. Thanks to a strong reliance on nuclear energy and hydropower, electricity in France is on the cheaper side, compared to other countries in Europe. Natural gas is also cheaper in France than it is in many other European countries.

How Do I Estimate my Energy Consumption in France?

Use our estimation tool to help you calculate your annual energy consumption and costs (in French)

The average French household consumes about 4760 kWh electricity per year. However, your specific energy consumption depends on your energy usage and your accommodation:

  • Energy used for heating
  • Energy used for hot water
  • Energy used for cooking
  • Surface area of your home
  • Number of occupants
  • How well-insulated your home is
  • Overall energetic performance of your appliances
  • Your consumption habits (e.g. how much time you spend at home)

What is an Average Household Electricity Bill in France?

The size of your electricity bill in France depends on how much you consume. Here we've outlined a selection of average bills based on different consumption profiles. Note that electricity bill amounts can change depending on the supplier - in France it is worth comparing competitive offers to find a lower rate for your electricity supply. You can also find more ways to lower your electricity bills in this guide.

Energy Profile Yearly power consumption EDF
Regulated tariffs for electricity
Offre Electricité Verte
Direct Energie
Offre Directe Electricité
30 sqm apartment with collective heating and water heating, 2 occupants 1669 kWh 339 € 327 € 329 €
80 sqm apartment with electric heating and water heating, 4 occupants 14 520 kWh 2220 € 2122 € 2132 €
180 sqm house with electric heating and water heating, 5 occupants 26 746 kWh 4060 € 3881 € 3900 €

Estimations calculated for an average level insulation. Last update: February 2016

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If you need help with understanding the technical terms on your French energy bill, this guide about energy bill translation of important terms from French to English will be able to help you out.

What is an Average Household Gas Bill in France?

As is the case with electricity, households with natural gas supply can reduce their gas bills by choosing a supplier with lower rates. Competitive suppliers often offer lower rates than the regulated rates.

Energy Profile Yearly gas consumption Engie ex GDF Suez
Regulated tariffs for gas
Offre Gaz
Direct Energie
Offre Directe Gaz
100 sqm apartment with gas heating and water heating, 4 occupants 16 320 kWh 1069 € 957 € 1026 €
200 sqm house with gas heating and water heating, 5 occupants 26 746 kWh 1686 € 1491 € 1614 €

Estimations calculated for an accommodation in Paris with average insulation. Last update: February 2016

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