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Compare French energy offers

Our English-speaking advisors will help you compare, subscribe and save on your electricity and gas plans.

Enedis (ERDF) Phone Numbers in France

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Enedis (formerly ERDF - "Électricité Réseau Distribution France") operates 95% of the electric grid in France, and is responsible for installing electricity service and responding to outages. The correct phone number for Enedis depends on your region and your situation:

ERDF logos old and new

ERDF's name and logo have recently changed. The company is now known as Enedis.

What is the good contact depending on your situation?

Who Should I Call?
Situation Who to Call Helpful Phrases
You are moving in & need to open an electricity account

Call an energy provider directly or Selectra (price comparison platform): 09 87 67 37 93 or get a free callback.

The energy supplier will contact Enedis on your behalf to activate your power line once you have subscribed to a contract.

"Je déménage": I am moving
"Ouvrir une compte": To open an account
"Mise en service de l’électricité": Electric service reconnection
Power outage Enedis Emergency: 09 72 67 50 **. ** is the number of your department. For example, the number for Paris is 09 72 67 50 75, and the number for Lyon is 09 72 67 50 69. "coupure d'électricité"/"panne de courant": Power outage
You want to connect your newly-built home to the network? Enedis Connection: find the number for your city "Raccordement": Electric service installation
You have a question about your electricity contract Contact your electricity supplier's customer service "Service client": customer service

Enedis (ERDF) Phone Numbers for Starting New Electricity Service

Call Enedis on the number 09 70 831 970 (+33970831970) if you are moving to a newly built home and need to connect it to the power grid.

Enedis Headquarters Contact Information

The address for Enedis is 34, place des Corolles 92079 Paris La Défense Cedex. The telephone number for Enedis headquarters is 01 56 65 11 11.

Other Useful Telephone Numbers for Energy in France

Power Outages

To report a power outage or electricity related emergency, call 09 72 67 50 **, with the ** representing the number for your department. These numbers are available 24/7.

Selection of Enedis power outage numbers
City Number City Number
Paris 09 72 67 50 75 Bordeaux 09 72 67 50 33
Pau 09 72 67 50 64 La Rochelle 09 72 67 50 17
Lyon 09 72 67 50 69 Nice 09 72 67 50 06

Opening an Account for Electricity

While Enedis is responsible for delivering power to your home, it is not responsible for your electricity supply. In order to have electricity in your home, you need to open an account with an electricity supplier, which you can do by calling Selectra´s English speaking customer service at 09 87 67 37 93. Selectra works with a wide range of alternate suppliers (Direct Energie, Lampiris, Planète Oui...) and their English speaking customer service agents will help you find the most affordable supplier for your situation.

Natural Gas Services

For all questions concerning natural gas, contact GRDF, the natural gas distribution operator, or your natural gas supplier.

When should I call who ?
Reason for calling Number to call
Gas leak / odour 0800 47 33 33 : Urgence Sécurité Gaz (free when dialed from a fixed line - 24/7).
Request for connection to the gas network 09 87 67 37 93 : Selectra, or request a quote online (in French) to activate gas supply.