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Subscribing to an Internet Plan With Orange In France

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As the most popular phone provider in France, Orange has a wide range of Internet plans to choose from. This article goes through all the provider’s offers, for ADSL, VDSL and fibre packages. All the details below.

Internet at home: the Livebox offers


The Orange Internet packages are available in ADSL, VDSL2 and FTTH. They come in 2 triple play deals: the Livebox and the Livebox Up offer. They have since 2018 replaced the former Zen, Play and Jet ranges, which are no longer marketed. Previously contract-free, these Internet offers now include a 12-month commitment.

Note that the prices given below exclude potential seasonal promotions, and all include a €3 fee for the Livebox rental.

Presentation of the Orange Livebox offers
Livebox offers Price Characteristics Who is it for?
  • €22.99 per month the first year (then €36,99) for ADSL and VDSL
  • €22,99 per month the first year (then €41.99) for FTTH
  • Equipment: Livebox Play + UHD90 TV decoder
  • ADSL speed: 15Mbits/s, Fibre speed: 300Mbits/s
  • Telephone: unlimited calls to fixed lines in France, in the DOM and towards over 100 international destinations
  • Orange TV: 160 channels
As Orange's trademark internet offer, the Livebox is suitable for users looking for a basic triple play offer, but don't have too high needs for a fixed-line.
Livebox Up
  • €28,99 per month the first year (then €42,99) for ADSL and VDSL
  • €28,99 per month the first year (then €47.99) for FTTH
  • Equipment: Livebox 4 + TV 4 decoder
  • ADSL speed: 15Mbits/s, Fibre speed: 1Gbit/s in download, 300Mb/s in upload
  • Telephone: unlimited calls to fixed and mobile lines in France and the DOM + unlimited calls to over 100 destinations internationally
  • Orange TV: 160 channels
  • Second decoder available on demand
  • WiFi duplicate device available for an extra €1
This is Orange's premium package, which will suit people with a high budget and in search of faster connection speed, unlimited calls to mobile phones and the latest tech equipment. The WiFi duplicate device, available with the Livebox Up for an extra €1, can be very useful for spacious homes.

With fibre optic, you can get access to the Family TV package by Canal for an additional €5 / month. This includes 48 family-friendly Orange TV channels, 25 of which are Canal-exclusive, all for a 12-month commitment.

Internet on your phone: the Orange data plans

All the Orange phone plans come with a 4G connection, so you need to ensure that your phone is 4G-compatible and that your area is covered by 4G. You can check this via the Orange 4G interactive map before you subscribe.

The Orange internet allowances go from 100 MB to 150 MB per month, depending on the plan you choose. All packages include data to use across Europe, the DOM, Switzerland and Andorra, thanks to the end of roaming charges in Europe.

If you already own an Orange internet offer detailed above (ADSL/VDSL/Fibre), you will be eligible to get an Open plan, which comes with a quadruple play offer for an attractive price.

Aside from these plans, you can also purchase prepaid cards which allow you to get online for a certain period of time, and then purchase recharges, with credit of between 20 MB and 1 GB.

Find out all the details about the Orange phone plans with their tariffs and characteristics in this other article.


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Internet everywhere: the Let's Go WiFi offers

The Orange Let's Go offers, also known as mobility offers, are there to provide you with a connection on all your devices while you're out and about. They are reserved to clients either living in France or who can justify having a stable tie to the country (for instance if you have a secondary home in France or travel there regularly).

Thanks to these mobility offers, you can connect to a 4G network on your phone, and then access the internet from your tablet or computer. You will find a step-by-step guide on how to do so in your Orange user manual.

The Play, Jet, Open Play and Jet packages come with a multi-SIM, which allows you to share mobile internet with a tablet. You can also purchase a Let's Go plan with an Airbox 4G, which acts as a proper WiFi terminal allowing up to 10 simultaneous connections.

The Let's Go plans include unlimited Orange WiFi and the 70 channels of the Basic Orange TV.

To get access to these offers, you need:

  • 4G coverage
  • A 4G-compatible device
  • A pre-paid package or Let's Go.

Below is a summary of the different Let's Go internet offers, varying depending on the amount of data included and whether or not you purchase it with an Airbox.

Note that the prices below include tax, and are all contract-free (meaning you can cancel your plan at any time without having to pay extra fees).

Presentation of the Orange Let's Go offers
Internet (reduced connectivity beyond that point) Price (with an Airbox) Price (without an Airbox)
2 GB + 500 MB / year to use in Europe €9,99 / month + €52,90 €9,99 / month + SIM card for €1
15 GB + 3 GB / year to use in Europe €24,99 / month + €52,90 €24,99 / month + SIM card for €1
25 GB + 7 GB / year to use in Europe €54,99 / month + €52,90 €54,99€ / month + SIM card for €1

For customers who only need occasional online access, Orange has 2 cheaper, prepaid packages:

  • The Prêt-à-surfer pack, which include prepaid 4G starting at €54,90
  • The SIM-only pack, for 3G and 4G connection on a tablet, starting at €14,90

It is then possible to recharge these packages at your leisure, using either a classic Mobicarte recharge or a Let's Go recharge.

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