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How to Subscribe to a Mobile Phone Plan with Orange in France

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If possible, make sure you have a French IBAN and French phone number ready before the call.

As the most popular phone provider in France, Orange has a wide range of mobile plans to choose from. This article goes through all the provider’s offers, from subscriptions to prepaid SIM cards. All the details below.

All the Orange phone plans in 2019


Orange now has a range of 6 phone plans in France, with data allowances ranging from 100 MB to 150 MB, and monthly prices from €2.99 to 64.99 the first year (then €7.99 to €79.99 per month from the second year onwards). They come as a replacement of the Mini, Zen, Play and Jet which were taken on the market in 2018. They all come with a contract, for an period of either or 12 or 24 months.

The three most expensive plans can also come with a phone as an add-on, for a discounted price, but this will impact the monthly plan rate (more details below).

If you subscribed to an Orange Open or an Orange Open Up plan, you are allowed a discount on your monthly plan between €3 and €15.

The Orange Mobile phone plans without a phone purchase (all with a 12-month contract)
Phone plan What the plan includes Standard monthly price Monthly price for Open clients
Forfait 2h 100Mo
  • 2 hours or calls + unlimited calls for 3 numbers + unlimited SMS and MMS to France (including DOM)
  • 100 MB of 4G data in France and Europe
  • Can be purchased as a blocked plan
€7,99 €4,99
Forfait 2h 5Go
  • 2 hours or calls + unlimited calls for 3 numbers + unlimited SMS and MMS to France (including DOM)
  • 5 GB of 4G data in France and Europe
  • Can be purchased as a blocked plan
€16,99 €11,99
Forfait 10Go
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to France (including DOM)
  • 10 GB of data in France and Europe
€26,99 €19,99
Forfait 50Go
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to France (including DOM)
  • 50 GB of data in France and Europe
  • Includes a 1 GB multi-SIM
€34,99 €24,99
Forfait 100Go
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to France (including DOM) + unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to fixed lines to 100 countries + unlimited to fixed lines and mobiles in Europe, USA and Canada
  • 100 GB of 4G data in France and Europe (of which 70 GB are usable in Europe)
  • Includes a 1 GB multi-SIM
€49,99 €34,99
Forfait 150Go
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to France (including DOM) + unlimited MMS to and from Europe, China, USA and Canada +  unlimited SMS worldwide + unlimited calls to fixed lines of 100 countries + unlimited call to mobile phones in Europe, USA, Canada and Chine
  • 100 GB of 4G data in France and Europe (of which 100 GB are usable in Europe)
  • Includes a 1 GB multi-SIM
€79,99 €64,99

Thanks to the end of roaming charges in the EU, all the Orange phone plans detailed above can be used equally in France, the EU, Andorra, Switzerland and the DOM.

If you want to purchase an Orange plan with a phone, you can add them to your monthly plan if you have the 50 GB, 100 GB or 150 GB plan:

The Orange Mobile plans with a phone purchase
Name of the plan Standard monthly price Standard monthly price for Open customers
Forfait 50 Go €44,99 €34,99
Forfait 100 Go €64,99 €49,99
Forfait 150 Go €94,99 €79,99

Do you need help to find the best internet deal for you? Call Selectra's English-speaking advisors at 09 77 55 72 27 - or ask for a free callback - to get assistance in setting up a broadband plan that'll suit your needs and budget.

The prepaid Orange Mobile SIM card


The prepaid Orange Mobile SIM card is known as the Mobicarte. It works as a pay-as-you-go card, for which you can purchase as much communication credit as you need, without having to pay a fixed rate on a montly basis.

The prepaid card includes a set number of calling minutes and/or data. Be careful, as it comes with a limited time frame within which the allowance can be used (6 days for the cheapest one to 1 year for the most expensive one), so just pay attention to this.

The different Orange Mobicartes

There are 4 types of Mobicarte:

  • The classic €9.99 prepaid Mobicarte
  • The €39.99 Orange Holiday Mobicarte, with which you can call all of Europe
  • The €9.99 Mobicarte Maghreb, with which you can call all the Maghreb countries and another 15 more African countries (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali...)

The Orange Mobicarte recharges

Once you have purchased your Mobicarte, you can recharge it at anytime with the recharges Mobicarte, that come with various services (call time, international calls or not, data allowance...), and with prices ranging from €5 to €100.

There are 5 types of recharges:

  • The Classic recharges: get a set credit for calls during the day + unlimited calls between 9pm and midnight, for 6 to 365 days and for €5 to €100.
  • The Max recharges: get unlimted SMS and MMS + between 2 hours and unlimted calls + between 20 MB and 20 GB of data, for 7 days to 30 days and for €5 to €30.
  • The Monde recharges: get 16 to 66 minutes of calls worldwide + 2 GB for the most expensive recharge, for 5 to 30 days and for €5 to €20.
  • The Internet mobile recharges: get 300 MB to 10GB of data to be used in 7 to 30 days, for €5 to €25.
  • The Orange Holiday recharge: at a set price of €20, it gives you 1 hour of calls, 500 SMS and 5 GB of data to use over 14 days, within Europe and worldwide.

These credit allowances can be purchased and activated online on the Orange website, on your phone, in Orange boutiques, in supermarkets, tobacconists...

With a prepaid Orange Mobicarte, your mobile phone line will remain active beyond the date of expiry of your credit, for up to 6 months after depending on the card bought. You won't be able to make call or text during that period, however people will still be able to contact you.

Which Orange phone deal should I go for?

It all depends on your situation and needs. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your budget? If your budget is limited, the Orange 2h 100 MB deal, priced at €2.99 is a pretty good option for you. If on the contrary you aren't limited financially, the 100 GB or 150 GB will allow you to never worry about running out of data, across Europe and in certain other countries.
  • How much data do you need? Depending on how often you use the internet on your phone - whether you stream videos, play games, log onto social media... on a daily basis, or if you seldom use it, just check your emails for instance. The 50 GB to 150 GB plans will be well tailored for you in the first case, and in the second the Mobicartes or the 2h 100 MB / 2h 5 GB would be sufficient.
  • Your current smartphone: do you wish to keep your current phone, or would you want to take out a new phone with your contract? As explained above, it can be quite interesting financially to purchase a new phone with an Orange plan, if the plan is one of the 3 pricier Orange deals.