How To Get Internet Without Line Rental in France in 2021

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telecom in france

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It has become more and more common for broadband deals to include a fixed telephone line and a plethora of TV channels. But while this can be a nice perk for some, for others this will come as an unnecessary extra feature and cost. There are different ways to get an internet-only plan, be it by ADSL, 4G or via satellite. Below is a comparison of the internet-only offers and prices available in France in 2020.

Internet Only offers via ADSL

Although becoming rare today, 2 providers still offer internet-only packages in France, namely Coriolis and Nordnet.

Internet-only ADSL offers
Offer Technology and speed Commitment Orange line Modem rental Price
Nordnet Essentiel ADSL (20 Mbits/s) No Optional €3/month €24.90/month
Coriolis Mini ADSL (20 Mbits/s) 12-month contract No €4/month €22.99/month

The Coriolis Internet-Only Plan

Coriolis has an internet-only offer named Coriolis Mini, for the monthly price of €22.99 (with an extra €4 to pay for the box rental), with no need to subscribe to a phone plan in you live in a “zone degroupées”. Thanks to this, you will get access to a 25Mb/s connection and an optional TV subscription for €9.99 a month.

The Nordnet Internet Only Plan

The provider Nordnet offers an internet-only subscription package named Nordnet Essentiel, priced at €24.90/month (with an added €3 for the box rental). It is contract-free and comes with an option to add on a VoIP phone set. The TV is not offered as an option in the Nordnet essential deal.

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Mobility Offers for Internet Only


Orange’s Let’s Go Offers

Orange has 3 main categories of 4G offers, under the name Let’s Go - deals which come with either 2Gb, 8Gb or 20Gb of data. These are all contract-free and can be purchased along with an Orange dongle if needed. Here’s a summary of the different Orange Let’s go packages:

Package Price without an Airbox 4G Price with an Airbox 4G
Let's Go 2Go €9,99/month + €1 for the SIM card €9,99/month + €49,90 for the Airbox
Let's Go 8Go €24,99/month + €1 for the SIM card €24,99/month + €49,90 for the Airbox
Let's Go 20Go €54,99/month + €1 for the SIM card 54,99€/month + €49,90 for the Airbox

SFR’s Connecté Partout Offers

SFR’s “Connecté Partout” deals come in 3 data volumes: 2Gb, 15Gb or 30Gb a month. These are all offered in 4G by default, but in cases where it isn’t available, you will be automatically transferred onto a 2G/3G network.

Internet Fair Use Price
2 Gb/month Limited, rechargeable plan €8,99/month
15 Gb/month Limited speed above 10Gb €19,99/month
30 Gb/month Limited speed above 15 Gb €35,99/month

Bouygues Telecom’s Nomad Offers

Bouygues Telecom is another big French provider with internet-only deals, under its Bbox Nomad offer: These deals are contract-free and automatically come with a €1 SIM card which will be added on to your first bill. Bouygues also offer a 4G Hotspot Mobile priced at €69.90, which allows for multiple devices to connect simultaneously to WiFi.

Internet Fair Use Price
20 Gb/month Limited speed above 10Gb €16,99/month
40 Gb/month Limited speed above 20Gb €26,99/month
60 Gb/month Limited speed above 40Gb €42,90/month

Internet Only via Satellite

Most of the internet via satellite providers in France offer internet-only deals. These are however first and foremost addressed to people living in areas that aren’t covered by the networks of traditional providers, and that cannot receive ADSL. Under these satellite deals, speed is very similar to that of classic ADSL offers (up to 20Mb/s in reception and 1Mb/s in emission).

These offers won’t, however, give access to unlimited internet. They each come with a set volume of monthly data, that can only be extended by paying a supplement. The deals generally start around 2Gb and can go up to 50 or 100Gb.


The main two providers of internet via satellite in France are

Satellite technology will often be the only available option to people wanting a fast and high-quality speed but live in rural areas, but these aren't the most competitive on the market, so not the best option for anyone with access to ADSL and who want a big data allowance.

  • Europasat, which offers internet-only deals starting at 15Gb for €19.95/month
  • SkyDSL, with unlimited internet, offers starting at €19.95

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Why and when get an Internet Only plan?

It all depends on your situation, and will be optimal in these scenarios:

  • For people in rural areas, internet-only offers are most often the unique way to get online.
  • For people on business trips or for a second home, a 4G dongle is ideal (as offered in the Let’s Go, Connecté Partout and Bbox Nomad deals), and ensures very good quality coverage. What’s more, these come without contracts most of the time, making them ideal for holidays in France or across Europe/the DOM areas (as some packages such as the Orange Let’s Go one, which allows for a certain volume of the internet to use abroad).

This said if you are searching for an internet-only deal just in order to reduce bills, as counterintuitive as this may sound this isn’t always the best solution. Indeed, many double or even triple play offers (including all internet, TV and a fixed-line) are actually cheaper than internet-only deals. What’s more, the latter can be limited in terms of speed, whereas the triple play offers are available with high speed and high-quality fibre optic.

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