Europasat in France: Offers for Internet via Satellite

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telecom in france

Looking for a Mobile Phone or Internet Plan in France?

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If you live in a remote area of France or have a second home in a French rural region, Internet via satellite is a perfect option for you to get online. This is what the provider Europasat specialises in. Find out more about this operator and its offers in this article.

The Europasat offers in France


Europasat is not the owner of the satellites it provides, rather it is a distributor of the satellites created by the company Tooway. These satellites provide speeds of up to 50Mbps download and 6Mbps upload.

This type of technology will be ideal for any home or second home in France set in a remote location, where Internet via ADSL or fibre is not yet available.

Any household can sign up for this technology, as long as they have an unobstructed view of the satellite, towards the Southern-Southern Eastern sky, and are able to connect their satellite material to a source of energy.

Choosing a Europasat package

Every Europasat offer comes with an unlimited volume of data. The only factor which varies from an offer to an offer, and justifies prices differences, is the Internet speed. As shown below, you have the choice of 3 Internet via satellite offers: the Konnect Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Europasat offers
Name What the offer includes Price
Konnect Bronze

Up to 16 Mb/s speed in priority traffic

Konnect Silver Up to 30 Mb/s speed in priority traffic €39.99/month
Konnect Gold Up to 50 Mb/s speed in priority traffic €69.99/month
How to subscribe Call us at 09 77 55 72 27 or ask for a free callback  

To determine which of these offers will be best for you, consider the following indications:

  • The Bronze offer (up to 16 Mb/s) will be suitable for basic Internet use (browsing online, checking emails).
  • The Silver offer (up to 30 Mb/s) will be best suited to heavier Internet use (streaming, downloading content…)
  • Finally, the Gold offer (up to 50 Mb/s) will best for larger households and very frequent Internet uses, with streaming and download in High Definition.

Keep in mind that Europasat has a fair use policy, which means it may reduce Internet flow for bigger consumers to guarantee equitable access to the Internet for all its users. As a result, subscribers who use bandwidth in excess may be penalised, as Europasat reserves itself the right to restrict, suspend or terminate the subscription of any excessively large consumers, without prior notice.

The Europasat satellite equipment


A Europasat kit will include a dish, a modem and cables. The total cost to purchase all these is fixed to €229.99 for the Bronze kit, and €469.99 for Silver and Gold kits.

If you would rather rent the equipment, you will have to pay €5 per month for the Silver and Gold offers - the rent is free for Bronze packs.

Also note that, regardless of the offer you choose and whether you opt for purchase or rental, you will have a €49.99 commissioning fee to pay along with your first bill.

On a side note, if you ever wish to increase the range of your modem, Europasat can provider you with a free basic router of the brand Asus (for small to medium houses), that you can complete with another higher-end router of the same brand for €99.95.

If you already have your kit, contact Europasat at +33365060270 to see if it is compatible with their solutions. Even if this is the case, you will still have to pay a commissioning fee.

Europasat gives you the option to get your equipment installed by one of its professional partner installers. This is possible wherever you live in France, except for the departments 5, 7, 15, 19, 23, 26 and 20. For these areas, Europasat will cover the installation up to €230 with tax. The installation of TV equipment (LNB installation, cable etc.), however, remains your responsibility.

One advantage of the Europasat offers is the garantie Fibre which enables its customers (and Sat2Way customers) to cancel their offer, free of charge if their home becomes eligible to fibre technology. In this case, you will just need to send Europasat the supporting documents to prove your eligibility. Satellite renters will, however, have to return the equipment to the provider at their own expense.

TV via satellite with Europasat


Whether or not you are eligible to satellite TV in France will depend on your geographical location. Installing TV in France with this option is priced at €69 and is purchasable along with the satellite kit.

Contact Europasat assistance directly (see below) to find out if you are eligible to the TV package. If this is the case, you will have to also, have to equip yourself with a Fransat TV decoder, priced at €79,95. This decoder can be installed by a Europasat partner, in which case you will pay an extra €80 with tax for the intervention.

Europasat satellite TV gives you access to a wide range of channels, and you can, in addition, subscribe to RMC Sport (which broadcasts the Champions League), Bein Sport and Orange OCS.

You can also listen to live radio and web radio on your TV, and watch your favourite shows and movies on demand.

Phone solutions with Europasat

Thanks to its Keyyo solution, Europasat offers a fixed VoIP telephone service. This option includes unlimited calls in France to 40 international destinations, including the whole of the European Union, for €1.90/month. Adding unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France to your plan will come at an extra €13 per month.

Note that you need to purchase a VoIP box to benefit from this offer, priced at €29.95 (with a €10 installation fee).


Subscribe to Europasat

Get in touch with our English speaking advisors to get help with choosing the right satellite plan for you

How to Contact Europasat


To subscribe to a Europasat offer, you can contact a Selectra English-speaking advisor at 09 77 55 72 27 or ask for a free callback Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm and 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays and on Sundays 9 am to 5 pm.

However, for any more technical issues or requests, you will need to contact Europasat directly, using any of the following means:

contact email

via the Europasat contact form, on the operator's website

contact telephone

over the phone at +33365060270

contact mail

by mail, using the address 38 rue Jean-Jacques Mention, 80000 Amiens

The Europasat Headquarters in France

38 rue Jean-Jacques Mention
80000 Amiens

Who is Europasat?

Created in 2008, Europasat is now the European leader in satellite internet access solutions, broadcasting its offers to 150,000 customers in 31 European countries.The company’s Headquarters are based in London.

Europasat is dedicated to make Internet available to household struggling to get access to good broadband connections (around 10% of the French population still today). As is the case for all satellite providers, most of Europasat's customers live in "grey areas" or "white areas", or in the areas known as "zones non-dégroupées", with little or no access to ADSL and fiber optics.

In France, Europasat markets its offers under its own name, but also through Sat2Way, which it acquired in 2015. Since then, Europasat has also bought the high-tech company IDHD and the Toulouse operator Voleol. It also briefly exploited the Connexion Verte brand, bought in 2016.

Europasat also offers services for the broadcasting industry, by equipping major media groups such as CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeera.