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The Box de SFR package includes internet, fixed telephone line, and television. SFR offers two digital decoders, depending on eligibility: Evolution (for ADSL/VDSL connections and Fibre FTTH), and the Box 4K tout-en-un for Fibre FTTLA (Box 4K, formerly known as Box Zive) for the offers under its Power category.

In addition to the channels included in its standard "triple play" package offer (internet, television, fixed telephone lines), SFR offers many TV channel add-ons. They can be grouped into four main categories.

The different TV packages offered by SFR

Depending on the eligibility of your connection, SFR can offer either the Box THD (Très Haut Débit - Very High Debit), which relies on the Numericable network or the Fibre de SFR, on its own network. The ADSL/VDSL version of the Box de SFR and the Fibre de SFR in FTTH include the SFR TV package ("bouquet de SFR") and services. There are four versions of the bouquet SFR TV (SFR TV package), depending on the offer for which you have signed up: the SFR TV by SFR package, the SFR News + SFR Sport option, the SFR Play package, or the SFR Play Premium option.

The TV package options for the Box Fibre en FTTLA are slightly different and include one of the Numericable TV packages: SFR TV by Numericable. However, this package includes the TV bouquet options RMC Sport (ex SFR Sport), SFR News, SFR Play and SFR Premium.

In total, SFR proposes 8 TV packages in function with the eligibility of the line and service quality:

Box SFR Fibre FTTLA (Numericable) ADSL/VDSL or Fibre FTTH (SFR)
Box THD Starter SFR TV by Numericable: 200 channels  
Box Power Mini SFR TV by Numericable: 200 channels SFR TV by SFR: 200 channels
Box Power SFR TV by Numericable: 200 channels + SFR News + RMC Sport SFR TV by SFR: 200 channels + SFR News + RMC Sport
Box Power + SFR TV by Numericable + SFR Play: 240 channels + SFR News + RMC Sport SFR TV by SFR + SFR Play: 240 channels + SFR News + RMC Sport
Box Premium SFR TV by Numericable + SFR Play Premium: 280 channels + SFR News + SFR Sport SFR TV by SFR + SFR Play Premium: 280 channels + SFR News + RMC Sport

Find out all about how to get access to Sports on TV in France with channels such as beIN, RMC Sport, Eurosport and CANAL + in this dedicated article.

TV channels included in the SFR TV packages

SFR TV includes up to 280 TV channels touching all subjects: general, music, cinema, news/documentary, youth, etc. For any more information, you can get in touch with SFR - check out how to contact SFR on this page.

The TV by SFR package

Included with all SFR "triple play" (internet, fixed-line, television) on its own ADSL/VDSL or Fibre FTTH networks, the SFR TV by SFR features 200 channels:

TNT (national digital terrestrial television service) TV channels
TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal+ en clair, France 5, M6, Arte, D8, W9, TMC, NT1, NRJ 12, LCP, France 4, BFM TV, Itele, D17, Gulli, France Ô, HD1, L’Equipe 21, 6ter, Numero23, RMC Découverte, Chérie 25, France Info TV
Paris Première, Teva, RTL9, Game One, Game One +1, TV5 Monde, BET, MCS Maison
Ouatch TV, Luxe TV, Men's Up TV, Lucky Jack, Ginx, Souvenirs From Earth HD, Astro Center, TNA, Fashion TV, Television Numerique Alternative
Disney Channel, Disney Channel+1, Gong
Youth/Young Adult
Nolife, Ma Chaine Etudiante, Enorme TV
M6 Music, NRJ Hits, Clubbing TV, O Five, J4T, Virgin Radio TV, Game One Music, SFR Live Concert TV, Deluxe Music, Radio on demand
Equidia Live, Equidia Life, Sport 365, MCS Tennis, Trace Sport Stars
France 24, LCI, LCP AN 24h/24, Public Sénat 24h/24, Euronews, Telim, BBC World, CNN, Sky News, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Anglais, CNBC, Africa 24, France 24 Anglais, France 24 Arabe, Medi1TV, NHK World, DW, Ubiznews
Shopping channels
M6 Boutique & Co, TekTV Shop, Best of Shopping
KTO, Campagnes TV, TV8 Mont-Blanc
Local TV channels
France 3 régions, IDF1, La Locale, Telif, TV Fil 78, Téléplaisance, Télé Bocal, TV Vendée, Alsace 20, Mirabelle TV, Vosges TV, WEO, Grand Lille TV, TL7 Saint Etienne, TéléGrenoble Isere, TLM, Azur TV, Maritima TV, TV Sud Camargues-Cévennes, TV Sud Montpellier, TV7 Bordeaux, TV Tours, Angers TV, TéléNantes, TV8 Moselle-Est, TV Mosaik, D!CI TV, Noot TV, Tropik TV, Canal 21, Canal 32, TV Valenciennes, Télé Paese, Telim
International TV
  • Hispanic: TVE, 24h TVE, ETB Sat
  • Turkish: TRT Türk
  • Mediterranean: Al Aoula, 2M Maroc, Arryadia, Arrabia, Al Maghribia, Assadissa, Beur TV, Canal Algérie, Echourouk TV, El Hiwar Ettounsi, Ennahar TV, Tunisia 1
  • Africain: 3A Telesud, Vox Africa
  • Central Europe: TVR Int., RTR Planeta, Armenia 1, Armenia TV
  • Asie : CCTV-9 Documentaire, CCTV News, CCTV-F, VTV4, Zing, NTD Television, Net Viet
  • Middle East: Hannibal TV, Al Masriya, Kuwait TV1, Dubai TV, Jordan Satellite Channel
  • Germany: Arte Allemand
  • Portugal : RTPI
  • Brazil: Record News

RMC Sport and SFR News TV channel packages

The SFR Power offers include the RMC Sport and SFR News packages

The SFR Sport option includes 5 channels:

  • SFR Sport 1: a new channel dedicated entirely to football (soccer), available as of August 2016: channel 28
  • SFR Sport 2: a general sports channel (formerly MCS): channel 29
  • SFR Sport 3: TV channel dedicated to extreme sport (formerly MCS Extrême): channel 30
  • SFR Sport 4K: a variety of sports broadcast in 4K: channel 34
  • SFR Sport 5: a channel dedicated to combat sport, available starting from August 2016 (formerly Kombat Sport): channel 80

The SFR News also offers 5 channels:

  • BFM TV: 24-hour news channel: channel 15
  • BFM Sport: a new channel focussed on the latest news in sports: channel 27
  • i24 News: international news in French, English, and Arabic, on three channels: 66, 271, 274
  • BFM Business: a channel dedicated to business/economic news: channel 68
  • BFM Paris: Paris/'île de France news

The SFR Play package

The SFR Play package includes 40 channels, which makes 240 channels when included with the Power Plus channels (available for ADSL as well as FFTH). The SFR Play package includes the channels offered in the SFR News and SFR Sport packages.

AB1, MCM, E!, TV Breizh
Myzen TV, The Museum Channel
Boomerang, Boomerang +1, Disney Pop Pick Play, Boing, Canal J, Tiji
Teen/Young Adult
Mangas, Gong Max, KZ TV
Iconcert, MCM Top, RFM TV, Trace Urban, C-Music TV, Brava TV
AB Moteurs, Girondins TV, Motors TV
La chaîne Météo
National Geographic Channel, NatGeo Wild, Voyage

The SFR Play Premium package

The SFR Play Premium includes all of the channels of the packages mentioned above and adds 40, making for a total of 280 TV channels. This is the most complete SFR TV package, includes the OCS and Ciné+ channels, and is available for SFR Premium offers with a FFTH or ADSL connection.

Télétoon+, Toonami, Piwi+, Baby TV
Mezzo, Mezzo Live
Golf Channel
Ushuaia TV, Histoire, Toute l'Histoire, Trek, Animaux, Chasse & Pêche, Science and Vie TV
OCS channels (Max, City, Choc, Geants), Ciné+ channels (Premier, Frisson, Emotion, Famiz, Classic, Club), TCM Cinéma, Sundance Channel, Action, Polar, Ciné FX

English language TV

The following American and British TV channels are available in SFR's basic TV package:

  • Disney
  • BBC World
  • CNN International
  • Sky News
  • Bloomberg TV
  • National Geographic Channel
  • NatGeo Wild

SFR TV packages available as add-ons

As is the case with many operators, SFR offers a wide range of TV channels available for an additional monthly fee. Their options can be classified into two main categories: thematic packages and international packages.

"Bouquet Stars"

While SFR offers many different thematic packages, the 5 most-popular packages are the "bouquet Stars".

The Pass Cinéma (13.99€/month) consists of 14 channels: TCM Cinéma, Eurochannel HD, Sundance Channel HD, Action HD, Polar, FX HD, Ciné+ Premier, Ciné+ Frisson, Ciné+ Emotion, Ciné+ Famiz, Ciné+ Classic and Ciné+ Club, Paramount Channel, Paramount Channe and the Pass Ciné+ upon request.

Like the other major operators in France, SFR offers the bouquet BeIN Sports, available at 14.99€/month. It includes the channels beIN sports 1, beIN sports 2, beIN sports 3 and beIN sports Max 4 to 10.

SFR also offers a Pass Sport (6€/month), composed of 8 channels.

  • MCS Tennis
  • AB Moteurs
  • Motors TV
  • SFR Sport 5 (former Kombat Sport)
  • Trace Sport Stars
  • Golf Channel
  • Girondins TV
  • MyZen TV

The bouquet OCS (12.99€/month) includes 4 channels specialized in cinema and Orange TV shows, as well as the on-demand OCS Go channel:

  • OCS Max HD+ (channel 35)
  • OCS City HD+ (channel 36)
  • OCS Choc HD+ (channel 37)
  • OCS Géants HD+ (channel 38)
  • OCS Go (channel 39)

OCS Go is also available online on the OCS website, as well as on smartphones and tablets via the OCS Go app (up to 1 computer, 1 tablet and 1 smartphone per OCS subscription).

The Pass Jeunesse (10€/month) includes 7 children's channels (Télétoon+, Toonami, Boomerang, Boomerang+1, Boing, Piwi+, Baby TV) and the Pass Kids.

The Pass Découverte (10€/month) comprend 9 discovery channels: Mezzo, Mezzo Live, Ushuaia TV, Histoire, Toute l'Histoire, Trek, Animaux, Chasse & Pêche, Science and Vie TV.

International Packages

SFR offers several international TV packages:

Bouquets Europe

SFR offers no less than 11 TV packages with channels from European countries.

The bouquet TV Allemand (8.90€/month) includes 10 German-language TV channels:

  • ProSiebenSat1 (channel 661)
  • N-TV (channel 656)
  • RTL Télévision (channel 659)
  • Super RTL (channel 665)
  • Sat1 (channel 664)
  • Das Erste (channel 657)
  • ZDF (channel 658)
  • RTL 2 (channel 660)
  • VOX (channel 662)
  • SWR (channel 663)

The bouquet TV Espagnol is available at 5€/month and includes 6 Spanish-language channels:

  • Antena 3
  • Sol Musica
  • Television de Galicia
  • TV3 Cat
  • Atres Series
  • Mis HD

The Le bouquet TV Russe (7.90€/month) includes 6 channels covering a wide range of interests:

  • Channel 1 Russia (channel 701)
  • Dom kino (channel 702)
  • Vremya (channel 703)
  • Musica (channel 704)
  • Carousel (channel 705)
  • Euronews russe (channel 706)

Channel 1 Russia and Euronews russe are available on their own for 1€/month.

The bouquet TV polonais (6.90€/month) includes 4 channels:

  • TVP Polonia (channel 692)
  • iTVN (channel 693)
  • iTVN Extra (channel 695)
  • TVN 24 (channel 694)

The bouquet TV RAI (3€/month) includes the 5 Italian public TV channels:

  • RAI 1 (channel 645)
  • RAI 2 (channel 646)
  • RAI 3 (channel 647)
  • RAI 24 News (channel 648)
  • Euronews italien (channel 649)

Mediaset (channel 644) is also available on-demand at 1.50€/month.

The bouquet RTV Pink (14€/month) offers the best of Serbian TV:

  • Pink Extra (channel 682)
  • Pink Plus (channel 683)
  • Pink Music (channel 684)
  • Pink Film (channel 685)

The bouquet Turksat Max is available at 6.90€/month and includes 9 popular Turkish TV channels:

  • Euro D (channel 603)
  • Show Turk (channel 604)
  • Euro Star (channel 605)
  • TGRT EU (channel 606)
  • Haber Turk (channel 607)
  • Kral TV (channel 608)
  • Planet Turk (channel 609)
  • Samanyolu TV (channel 610)
  • TV8 International (channel 611)

The bouquet Grand Lusophone (6.99€/month) offers the best of Portuguese TV:

  • Porto Canal (channel 614)
  • TVI Internacional (channel 615)
  • Baby TV en portugais (channel 616)
  • Benfica TV (channel 617)
  • SIC Internacional (channel 618)
  • SIC Noticias (channel 619)
  • TV Record Europa (channel 621)

North African and Middle Eastern TV packages

SFR offers no fewer than 8 packages from Arabic-speaking/Mediterranean countries.

At 5.99€/month, the bouquet Arabe Découverte offers 5 family channels:

  • Baraem (channel 508)
  • Jeem TV (channel 504)
  • Al Erth TV (channel 506)
  • Al Resalah (channel 507)
  • Rotana Khalijiya (channel 509)
  • Rotana Musica (channel 505)

The bouquet Arabe Premium (9.90€/month) includes all of the channels available in the bouquet Arabe Découverte, with 4 additional channels:

  • Bouquet Arabe Découverte +
  • Al Hekayat (channel 511)
  • Al Hekayat 2 (channel 512)
  • Rotanal Clip (channel 513)
  • Rotana Masriya (channel 514)

At 14.90€/month, the bouquet Arabe Privilège includes all of the previously-mentioned channels, along with several cinema/sports channels in Arabic:

  • ART Aflam 1 (channel 515)
  • ART Aflam 2 (channel 516)
  • ART Cinéma (channel 517)
  • Al Ahly (channel 518)
  • Rotana Aflam (channel 519)
  • Rotana Cinéma (channel 520)
  • Rotana Zaman (channel 521)
  • Cima (channel 522)

The bouquet Arabia (9.90€/month) includes 11 Arabic-language channels:

  • MBC (channel 532)
  • MBC Drama (channel 533)
  • Melody Aflam (channel 535)
  • Panorma Film (channel 537)
  • Mazzica (channel 529)
  • MBC 3 (channel 534)
  • Panorama Drama (channel 537)
  • MBC Masr (channel 538)
  • IQRAA International (channel 540)
  • Iqraa TV (channel 541)
  • Nessma (channel 543)

The bouquet TV musulman, available at 2.99€/month, offers 3 channels focussed on Islam:

  • Iqraa International (channel 536)
  • Iqraa TV (channel 537)
  • Al Majd Holy Quran (channel 538)

The bouquet berbère (6.90€/month) includes 3 channels:

  • Berbère TV (channel 545)
  • Berbère Jeunesse (channel 546)
  • Berbère Musique (channel 547)

The bouquet libanais, available at 5.90€/month, off :

  • LBC Europe (channel 524)
  • Future TV Europe (channel 525)
  • OTV (channel 526)
  • NBN (channel 527)
  • MBC Drama (channel 528)
  • Al Jadeed (channel 530)
  • Mazzica (channel 529)

Israeli Network (channel 652) is available on-demand at 4.90€/month.

African TV Packages

SFR offers 4 packages that cover African countries.

The bouquet Africain Découverte is available at 7.50€/month and offers 11 national channels:

  • Gabon Télévision (channel 559)
  • RTS1 (channel 560)
  • 2STV (channel 561)
  • ORTM (channel 562)
  • RTI1 (channel 563)
  • CRTV (channel 564)
  • RTB (channel 565)
  • TV Congo (channel 566)
  • ORTB (channel 567)
  • RTG (channel 577)
  • Maïsha TV (channel 582)

For 11.99€/month, the bouquet Africain Premium includes all the channels in the bouquet Africain découverte, along with 12 additional channels:

  • RTNC (channel 568)
  • STV 2 (channel 572)
  • Africable (channel 573)
  • Canal 2 (channel 574)
  • TVT (channel 575)
  • Equinoxe TV (channel 576)
  • TFM (channel 578)
  • Trace Africa (channel 579)
  • Nollywood TV (channel 580)
  • B-One (channel 581)
  • Sen TV (channel 583)
  • Gospel TV (channel 584)

With the bouquet Africain Privilège and for an additional 5€/month, you can have access to VOD Films d'Afrique and Nollywood TV Repl.

The bouquet Africabox (4.90€/month) includes Africabox TV (channel 582) and Africabox (channel 583).

The bouquet Océan Indien is available at 6.90€/month and provides access to the national TV channels for Madagascar and the Comores: ORTC (channel 586) and TVM (channel 587).

Additional channels are available on-demand for 2.50€/month.

Asian TV Packages

SFR offers 6 packages with channels from Asian countries.

The bouquet Pakistanais (11.90€/month) includes 4 channels from Pakistan:

  • Geo News (channel 770)
  • Geo TV (channel 771)
  • B4U Movies (channel 772)
  • Sony Max (channel 773)

The bouquet Chinois is offered at 8.88€/month and includes 12 Chinese TV channels:

  • CCTV-4 (channel 729)
  • CCTV Yule (channel 730)
  • CMC (channel 731)
  • BTV (channel 732)
  • Dragon TV (channel 733)
  • JSBC International (channel 734)
  • Hunan TV (channel 735)
  • Xiamen Star (channel 736)
  • ZTV World (channel 738)
  • Phoenix Info (channel 739)
  • Phoenix Ciné (channel 740)

The bouquet japonais JSTV is considerably more expensive than most TV packages, at 49€/month and includes JSTV1 (channel 717) and JSTV2 (channel 718).

The Korean TV channel KBS Word (channel 715) is available on-demand for 9.90€/month.

There are 5 channels available in the bouquet indien (9.99€/month):

  • Star Plus (channel 761)
  • Colors (channel 762)
  • Life OK (channel 763)
  • Rishtey (channel 764)
  • Zee TV (channel 765)

Latin American Packages

SFR has 4 packages that cover Hispanic language TV from the Americas.

The bouquet hispanique (4.90€/month) includes 6 Hispanic channels, primarily from Mexico:

  • Canal de las Estrellas (channel 636)
  • TLNovelas (channel 637)
  • De Pelicula (channel 638)
  • Clasico TV (channel 639)
  • TeleHit (channel 670)
  • Ritmoson Latino (channel 671)

Two Portuguese-language channels lusophones are available on demand: TV Globo Internacional (channel 622) at 14.90€/month and the Brazilian football channel PFC (channel 623) at 14.90€/month. Two channels are available in the bouquet Brésil Globo at 29.90€/month.

Trace Tropical is available for 2.50€/month on demand.

Music TV packages

SFR offers several music channels available à la carte or as part of a package.

The bouquet Mezzo (6.90€/month) permet de profiter de la musique douce des channels Mezzo (channel 167) and Mezzo Live HD (channel 168).

At 1€/month, the bouquet VH1 Premium allows you to return to the nostalgia of the 1970s and 1980s with VH1 (channel 170) and VH1 Classic (channel 171). The bouquet Bblack is made up of 3 channels: Classic (channel 156), Bblack Africa (channel 174), Carribean (channel 173).

La chaîne Melody (channel 172) available on demand for 4.50€/month.

Adult TV packages

SFR offers two adult television channels: the bouquet 2x Gay, which contains 2 channels (13€/month):

  • Pink X (channel 246)
  • Man-X (channel 247)

The bouquet Tentations includes 4 channels (13€/month):

  • Dorcel TV HD (channel 231)
  • XXL (channel 232)
  • Dorcel XXX HD (channel 233)
  • Colmax TV (channel 234)

The following channels are available on-demand: Dorcel TV (5.99€/month), Man-X (9€/month) and Pink X (9€/month).

Canal TV Packages

If you have the Box de SFR, you can sign up for a Canal+ or CanalSat subscription. Subscription to Canal+ costs 19.90€/month for the first year, then 24.90€/month. To access all 6 Canal+ channels (Canal+, Canal + Cinéma, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Family, Canal+ décalé), the subscription costs 30€/month for the first year, then 39.90€/month.

CanalSat is divided into two offers:

  • Panorama: more than 80 channels covering all themes. 20€/month for the first year, then 24.90€/month
  • Grand Panorama: contains all of the channels offered in the Panorama and Séries Cinéma packages, at 30€/month for the first year, then 39.90€/month


group watching tablet

With the SFR TV app, available on Android, Bada, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, you can access channels in your SFR TV package on your smartphone or tablen. SFR is also available on Windows 8 (computer and tablet), as well as with any navigator that has Adobe Flash installed. SFR TV is reduced to 120 channels: TNT channels, entertainment channels, lifestyle channels, the OCS channels, TCM Cinéma, Eurochannel, childrens channels, Sports channels, BeIN Sport, discovery channels, young adult channels, music channels (except for BeBlack and SFR Live Concert), local channels, news channels (CNN, Skynews, Bloomberg and CNBC excepted), international channels, the Africain Privilège package (RTS1, 2S, ORTM, RTI1, TFM, Trace Africa and Nollywood), Baraem, JeemTV and TVP Polonia. Some channels may not be accessible by WiFi and/or on a web navigator.

Keep in mind that some TV channels can only be watched on the Box de SFR wifi network.

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