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Free offers three categories of television options. In addition to the TV channels included in the Free "Triple Play" (internet, television, fixed telephone) package, Freebox customers can subscribe to additional options (TV packages or channels à la carte available).

  • The Basics
  • The basic Freebox TV includes 220 TV channels.
  • For additional fees: 25 TV packages catering to different interests (film, music, etc.) + 25 international TV packages.
  • Possibility to choose from 80 TV channels à la carte.

The Freebox "triple play" offer includes internet, fixed telephone line, and television. Depending on the type of Freebox offer, television may be included in the price (Freebox Mini 4K) or is otherwise available for an additional 1.99€/month (Freebox Revolution).

TV channels included in the Freebox TV

The Freebox includes 210 TV channels, covering all areas: general, music, film, news, children, etc. It includes the following TV channels:

TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, M6, Arte, D8, W9, TMC, NT1, France 4, HD1, L’Equipe 21, 6ter, Numero23, RMC Découverte, Chérie 25, RTL9, QVC, Vivolta, AB1, TVFIL78, HLive
Gulli, Disney Channel, J4T, Gong, Game One, Game One +1, Lucky Jack, Lucky Jack HD, Nolife, Enorme TV, Ginx
Discovery and Culture
France Ô, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Voyage, TV5, Men’s up, Fashion TV, World Fashion, Ikono, Montagne TV, Luxe.TV, Demain!, KTO, Souvenirs from Earth, TNA, Beur TV, CCTV Documentaire, Ouatch TV
Paramount Channel
NRJ12, D17, NRJ Hits, Clubbing TV, O Five, J4T, Virgin Radio TV, Game One Music, Beblack, MBOA TV, TV Antilles, Star24, ZoukTV, Festival 4K, BET
Equidia Live, Equidia Life, AB Moteurs
LCP, BFM TV, Itele, BFM Business, Euronews, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera Int., Sky News Int., I24 News, CNBC, LCP AN 24h/24, Public Sénat 24h/24, Campagnes TV, Africa 24, France 24, France 24 Anglais, France 24 Arabe, MCE, BFM Business Paris, Medi1TV, BBC World News, France Info TV
Local TV Channels
France 3, NRJ Paris Sat, GrandLille TV, TLT Toulouse, TV7 Bordeaux, 8 Mont-Blanc, TéléGrenoble, Telif, La Locale, Normandie TV, TéléNantes Nantes 7, La chaîne Marseille, La Chaine Normande, TV Tours, NRJ Paris, IDF1, Locales IDF, Alsace 20, WEO, TLM, Valenciennes TV, Canal10 Guadeloupe, Yvelines Première, TV Sud Camargues-Cévennes, Mirabelle TV, Vosges Television, TV Sud Montpellier, Maritima TV, TV Vendée, Canal 32, TVR, Tébésud, Tébéo, D!CI TV, MFM TV, TVPI, Azur TV, TeleKreol
  • Hispanic: Telesur, Russia Today Esp
  • Turkish: Ulusal Kanal, Powerturk TV, TRT1, TRT Coçuk, TRT Int, Kanal 7 Avrupa, Samanyolu TV, TVT, Hilal TV, TV5 Turkey, Halk TV , 24 TV, TRT Turk, Skyturk
  • North African: Canal Algérie, Algérie3, Algérie5, Tamazight TV4, Noursat, IMED TV, Ennahar, Arriyadia, 2M Maroc, TVM Europe, Television Tunisienne, Nessma, 360 TV, Echorouk TV
  • Sub-Saharan African: Africa 24, SUD1ERE, Vox Africa Panafrique, UbizNews, TPA, El Hiwar Ettounsi
  • Central European: TV Romania, Armenia 1, Armenia TV, Vesti, Russia Today, Russia Today Esp, Russian Al-Yaum, Kentron TV
  • Asian: CCTV Documentaire, CCTV News, CCTV-F, Arirang, VTV4, NHK World, NTD Television, Mandarin TV
  • Middle Eastern: Hannibal TV, Al Masriya, Al Jazeera, Kuwait TV1, Yemen TV, Dubai TV, Abou Dhabi TV, Baraem, Jordan Satellite Channel, Al Erth Al Nabawy
  • German: Arte De, DW-TV
  • Italian: Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre
  • Portuguese: RTPI, Record International
  • Brazilian: Record News
Astro Center TV, M6 Boutique, Best of shopping

English-language TV options with Free

The following British and American television channels are available in Free's basic TV package:

  • Disney Channel
  • Nat Geo Live
  • National Geographic
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Paramount Channel
  • Sky News International
  • BBC World News

Free TV packages

Whereas other operators offer a wider variety of TV package offers, Free has a wide selection of channels that can be bought individually, à la carte. Including channels offered as a package or individually, Free offers 254 TV channels that can be purchased in addition to their regular offer.

Les packs TV

Free offers several TV package offers based on specific interests/audiences:


Free offers four general packages.

  • Pack Kids, at 1.99€/month: includes Boomerang, Boomerang +1, Boing
  • Pack BIS Panorama, at 5.99€/month: Mangas, Trek, Chasse et pêche, Science & Vie TV, Toute l'Histoire, Animaux, Action
  • Pack BIS Premium, at 9.99€/month: Mangas, Trek, Chasse et pêche, Science & Vie TV, Toute l'Histoire, Animaux, Action, Ciné FX, Polar
  • Pack BIS Ultimum, at 14.99€/month: Mangas, Trek, Chasse et pêche, Science & Vie TV, Toute l'Histoire, Animaux, Action, Ciné FX, Polar, Golf Channel, XXL


Free offers eight separate TV packages related to cinema/film, with prices ranging from 5.99€ to 14.99€. The Ciné Total package is the most comprehensive film package.

Package TV channels included Prices
Ciné Total! Cine+ Premier, Cine+ Frisson, Cine+ Emotion, Cine+ Famiz, Cine+ Club, Cine+ Classic, TCM Film, Action, Ciné Polar, Ciné FX, Eurochannel, Sundance Channel 14.99€/month
OCS OCS Max, OCS City, OCS Choc, OCS Géants 11.99€/month
Ciné+ Cine+ Premier, Cine+ Frisson, Cine+ Emotion, Cine+ Famiz, Cine+ Club, Cine+ Classic 9.99€/month
Film Premium Sundance Channel HD + Ciné+ Classic, Ciné+ Famiz, Ciné+ Club, Ciné+ Emotion 7.99€/month
Pack Ciné Basique Cine+ Club, Cine+ Classic 5.99€/month
BIS Cinerama Action + Cine FX + Cine Polar 5.99€/month
BIS Premium Action + Ciné FX + Ciné Polar + Mangas + Trek + Chasse et pêche + Science & Vie TV + Toute l'Histoire + Animaux 9.99€/month
BIS Ultimum Action + Cine FX + Ciné Polar + Mangas + Trek + Chasse & Pêche + Science & Vie TV + Toute l'Histoire + Golf Channel + XXL + Animaux 14.99€/month


Free offers four music TV packages, all of which are relatively inexpensive.

Package TV channels included Prices
MCM MCM + RFM TV + MCM TOP 2.99€/month
Just Music C Music + Jukebox + Rock TV 1.49€/month
VH1 Premium VH1 + VH1 Classic 0.85€/month
Trace TRACE Tropical, TRACE Urban, TRACE toca, TRACE Gospel, TRACE Sports 1.99€/month

BeIN Sports

Like all of the other operators in France, Free offers a bouquet BeIN Sports, at 12.99€/month. This is the only sports TV package that Free offers, and includes the following channels: BeIN sports 1, BeIN sports 2, and BeIN sports Max 3 to 10.


It is possible to sign up for a subscription to Canal+ and/or CanalSat with the Freebox. The subscription to Canal+ costs 25€/month for the first 6 months (then 39.90€/month) and includes 6 channels (Canal+, Canal + Film, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Family, Canal+ décalé).

There are 2 options for a CanalSat subscription:

  • Panorama : over 80 TV channels covering a range of subjects and interests, at 20€/month for the first year, then 24.90€/month
  • Grand Panorama : includes the options in the Panorama subscription along with the channels in Séries Film, costing 24.90€/month for the first year, then 39.90€/month

Find out all about how to get access to Sports on TV in France with channels such as beIN, RMC Sport, Eurosport and CANAL + in this dedicated article.


Free offers a wide selection of international TV package options, with prices ranging from 3.99€/month to 29.99€/month. Those looking for English-language TV (British and American) may however be disappointed:

Packs TV internationaux TV channels included Prices
Globosat PFC + TV Globo Intern. 29.99€/month
Pack Berbère Berbère TV + Berbère Jeunesse + Berbère Music 6.99€/month
Bouquet Africain Basic ORTM + 2STV + CRTV + RTS + Télécongo + RTB + ORTB + RTI 1 + RTG1 6.99€/month
Bouquet Africain Premium Télé Congo + Trace Africa + TVT + 2STV + Africable + Antenne A + Equinoxe TV + Gabon Télévision + Gospel Music TV + B-One TV + Canal 2 + CRTV + Maïsha TV + Nollywood + ORTB + ORTM + RTB + RTG + RTI 1 + RTNC + RTS + Sen TV + STV2 + TFM 11.99€/month
Bouquet Africain Platinium Antenne A + B-One + Maïsha TV + Sen TV + TVT + RTB + ORTB + TFM + Canal 2 International + CRTV + STV2 + Equinoxe TV + Trace Africa + Télé Congo + RTNC + Nollywood TV + RTI 1 + Gabon Television + RTG + Gospel Music TV + ORTM + 2STV + RTS + Africable Panafrique 14.99€/month
La grande muraille Beijing TV + CCTV Divertiss. + CCTV4 + Guandong South.TV + Hunan Sat. TV + La chaine du film chinois + La chaine internationale de Jiangsu + Phoenix Chineese + Phoenix Infonews + Shangai Dragon TV Xiamen Star Tv + Zhejiang Star Tv 8.88€/month
Zee Basic Zee Cinema + Zee TV 15.99€/month
Zee Premium Alpha ETC Punjabi + Zee Cinema + Zee TV 19.99€/month
Bollywood B4U movies & B4U music 5.55€/month
Hispano Canal de las Estrellas + De pellicula + Ritmoson Latino + Tel Novellas + Telehit 4.99€/month
Russia Channel One Russia + Dom Kino + Muzika Pervoyo + Vremya + Karusel + CTC + TNT 7.99€/month
RTV Pink Pink Film + Pink Music + RTV Pink Extra + RTV Pink Plus 15.99€/month
Arabesque Découverte ART Hekayat + Baream + Cima + Jemm TV + Al Resalah + Rotana Music Channel 4.99€/month
Arabesque Gold ART Aflam 1 + ART Aflam 2 + ART Cinema + ART Hekayat + Baream + Cima + Jeem TV + Al Resalah + Rotana Music Channel 9.99€/month
Arabesque Platinium ART Aflam 1 + ART Aflam 2 + ART Cinema + ART Hekayat + Baream + Cima + Jeem TV + Al Resalah + Rotana Music Channel + Al Ahly + Rotana Aflam + Rotana Cinema + Rotana Clip + Rotana Khalijiya + Rotana Masriya + Rotana Classic 14.99€/month
Musulman Almajd Al Hadeeth Al Nabawy + AlMajd Holy Quran + AlMajd Space Channel + Azhari TV + Iqra + Iqraa International 3.99€/month
Arabia MBC Masr + M. Aflam + M. Drama + MBC 3 + MBC + Iqraa + Mazzika + MBC Drama + Samira TV + Nessma TV 5.99€/month
Libanais O'TV + LBC Europe + Future TV + NBN + MBC Drama + Al Jadeed + Mazzika 5.99€/month
Turk TV ATV Avrupa + Kanal D + Star TV + TGRT EU + TV8 4.99€/month
Pakistan B4U Movies + GeoNews + Geo TV 9.99€/month
Cambodge CTN + TVK 12.12€/month
JSTV JSTV 1 + JSTV 2 49€/month
Star TV Star Life OK + Star Plus + Star Gold + Vijay + Star Jalsha 15.99€/month
Allemand RTL, RTL2, Super RTL, RTL Nitro, RTL Vox, ProSieben, Sat1, NTV, N24 6.99€/month
Bouquet Portugais SIC Internacional, SIC Noticias, TVI International, A Bola TV, Porto Canal, Baby TV, Canal Q, TVI Ficcao 5.99€/month
Bouquet Espagnol Antena 3, Atres Series, Sol Musica, TV3 Cataluna, TV Galicia, ETB Sat, MIS Made in Spain 4.99€/month


Free offers several adult TV packages:

Packs adultes TV channels included Prices
Emotions Daring TV + Dorcel TV + Hustler TV + Brazzers TV + Brazzers TV J-1 / J-2 / J-3 + XXL 14.99€/month
Emotions HD Daring! + Dorcel TV + Hustler TV + Brazzers TV + Brazzers TV J-1 / J-2 / J-3 + XXL + Penthouse HD1 +Penthouse HD2 19.99€/month
2X gay Man-X + Pink TV 12.90€/month
Penthouse HD Penthouse HD1 + Penthouse HD2 + Penthouse Black 9.99€/month
Bouquet French Touch Dorcel XXX + Stars XXX TV + Dorcel TV 11.99€/month

TV channels à la carte

If the channels you want are not available in one of the Free TV packages, you can always see if they are available individually (à la carte).

Outre Canal+ la chaîne (39.90€/month), Free propose deux channels généralistes à l’unité : Paris Première (0.99€/month) et Téva (0.99€/month).
Piwi (0.49€/month), KZTV (4.99€/month), Gong Max (3.49€/month), Disney Channel +1 (0.99€/month), Boomerang (0.99€/month), Boing (0.99€/month), Baby TV (0.99€/month), Télétoon (0.49€/month), Toonami (0.99€/month)
Discovery and Culture
E! (0.99€/month), Fashion TV HD (0.49€/month), Ushuaïa (0.49€/month), Travel Channel (1.49€/month), Nature HD (0.99€/month), Nautical Channel (1.49€/month), Histoire (0.49€/month), Myzen HD / 3D (1.49€/month), 3A Telesud (0.49€/month), The Museum Channel (0.99€/month), Berbère TV (5€/month)
TCM Film (2.99€/month), Ciné+ Famiz (2.49€/month), Eurochannel (3.99€/month), Sundance Channel HD (2.99€/month)
Trace Tropical (0.99€/month), Trace Urban (0.49€/month), Mezzo (2.99€/month), Mezzo Live HD (3.99€/month), MCM (1.49€/month), iConcerts SD (0.99€/month), iConcerts HD (1.49€/month), C Music (0.99€/month), VH1 (0.49€/month), VH1 Classic (0.49€/month), Brava HD (2.99€/month), Télé Mélody (4.50€/month), Deluxe Lounge HD (1.99€/month), OM5 TV (0.99€/month), M6 Music (0.99€/month)
Trace Sport Stars (0.99€/month), Fightbox HD (2.99€/month), Sport365 (0.99€/month), PFC (14.90€/month), Golf Channel (6.99€/month), Motors TV (3.99€/month), Motorvision HD (0.99€/month)
Fox News (0.99€/month), CNN (0.99€/month), Arrêt sur images.TV (2.50€/month)
ORTC (6.90€/month), Africabox (4.99€/month), B4U Music Inde (5.55€/month), ProTV (2.99€/month), BBC Entertainment (1.99€/month), TVE Int. (0.25€/month), Canal 24 Horas (0.25€/month), Antenna 1 Grèce (4.99€/month), Mediaset Italia (1.30€/month), TVN 24 (1.99€/month), ITVN (2.99€/month), TVP Polonia (0.99€/month), Geo TV (6.49€/month), Geo News (3.33€/month), B4U Movies (3.33€/month), KBS World (9.99€/month), The Israeli network (3.99€/month), SIC Internacional (3€/month), Deepam TV (5.55€/month), Shant (2.99€/month), Murr TV (3.99€/month), Channel One Russia (0.49€/month), TV Globo (20.99€/month), TNH (1.99€/month), TVM (1.99€/month), MBC (1.99€/month)
Brazzers TV (7.49€/month for an evening pack), Brazzers TV J-1 (7.49€/month for an evening pack), Brazzers TV J-2 (7.49€/month for an evening pack), Brazzers TV J-3 (7.49€/month for an evening pack), Hustler TV (7.49€/month), Duosexy (0.69€/month), XXL (4.99€/month), Daring! (7.49€/month), Dorcel TV (7.49€/month), Pink TV (9€/month), Man-X (6€/month), Dorcel XXX (7.49€/month), Vivid TV (7.49€/month), Stars XXX TV (7.49€/month)

Device mobility

La Freebox includes a Multiposte service that allows simultaneous television watching on one television and up to four computers. This means that it is possible to watch two different TV channels at the same time. The following conditions must be met in order to benefit from this service:

  • have a Freebox
  • live in a zone dégroupée (find out more about dégroupage and how it affects your eligibility)
  • to have the VLC software installed

You can find out more about this option on Free's website. Note that some channels may not be available on the Multiposte option.