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Alterna, Electricity and Gas Supplier in France

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Founded in 2005, Alterna sells both electricity and gas to customers across France.

About Alterna

Created in 2005 by the fusion of local distribution companies (in French: entreprises locales de distribution - ELD) Gaz Electricité de Grenoble and Sorégies, Alterna is one of the latest energy suppliers to appear on the market. Alterna offers are available throughout the French territory, with the exception of the service areas of Gaz Electricité de Grenoble, Sorégies, and of local distribution companies.

Alterna is a group of twenty local distribution companies that have pooled their resources in order to offer service across France. This allows Alterna to rely on a network of locally established suppliers, despite its small size. Currently counting close to 320,000 customers, Alterna seeks to find new local distribution companies to expand its network and ultimately acquire 5-10% of the residential French electricity market. Alterna also offers gas supply thanks to a partnership with Eni.

Alterna's Partner Local Distribution Companies (ELD)
Sicae de l'Aisne Régie Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans
Sicae Ely Régie Prats-de Mollo-la-Preste
Sicae La Ferté-Alais Régie de Savardun
Régie de Loos Energies Services Lannemezan
Régie d'Amnéville Régie Cazières
Régie de Creutwald Régie Martes-Tolosane
Régie de Hagondange Régie de Miramont-de-Comminges
Régie de Sarre-Union Régie Bazas
Régie de Schoeneck Régie La Réole
Régie de Cazouls-les-Béziers Régie Sur de la Réole
Energies Services Ene'O Soregies
Sicae du Carmausin Sicap de Pithiviers
Régie La Cabarnasse  

Alterna Offers

Alterna offers both green and conventional electricity plans, as well as a plan for natural gas supply for residential customers.

Offer Subscription Charge Per kWh rate Details Find out More
Alterna Idea Electricité Higher than regulated tariffs More or less expensive than regulated tariffs depending on the power rating and tariff chosen No commitment Call Alterna
Planete Oui  % savings compared to regulated tariffs Same as regulated tariffs No commitment
100% green
09 87 67 37 93 or Call me back
alternaAlterna Idea Vert Higher than regulated tariffs More or less expensive than regulated tariffs depending on the power rating and tariff chosen 100% green
No commitment
Contact Alterna
Direct Energie Same as regulated tariffs  % savings compared to regulated tariffs 100% green
No commitment
Offre 100% Pur Jus
09 87 67 37 93 or call me back
Alterna Idea Gaz  % discount compared to regulated tariffs
One year fixed price
 % discount compared to regulated tariffs
One year fixed price. No price guarantee after the first 12 months.
No commitment Contact Alterna
Eni Same as regulated tariffs  % discount compared to regulated tariffs
Guaranteed cheaper than regulated tariffs, with no time limit
No commitment 09 87 67 37 93 or Call me back

Our Thoughts on Alterna's Offers

Whether for regular or for green electricity, our thoughts on Alterna are the same: Alterna does not offer the cheapest rates on the market. Likewise, their rates for natural gas, while more competitive, are not the cheapest to be found.

Alterna English-Speaking Customer Service

Alterna does not currently offer English-speaking customer service. Customers interested in signing up for a plan with Alterna can do so online on their website, or by calling 0800 71 12 34.

Contact Alterna

Alterna's customer service is available at 0800 71 12 34. This number is free to call from a French landline.

Find more contact information for Alterna in our Alterna contact guide.

How to Open an Account with Alterna

Signing up for an electricity account or natural gas account with Alterna is simple, and takes only a few minutes. You can either contact them directly over the phone, or sign up online on their website.

  • You need to have the following information in order to open an energy account with Alterna
  • Your contact information: name, e-mail address, phone number
  • The full address of your new accommodation. Don't forget the floor and apartment number if it is a flat (e.g. third floor, door on the left)
  • The name of the previous occupant
  • Your banking information (RIB) (IBAN and BIC, if you choose automatic payment)

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