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Total Spring: Prices, Offers and Customer Service in 2019

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If possible, make sure you have a French IBAN and French phone number ready before the call.


Formerly known as Lampiris, Total Spring is an energy provider offering gas and green electricity contracts in France. Find out more about the supplier's different offers, reviews of its services and its contact details in this article.

Total Spring is now Total Direct Energie! Since April 2019, Total Spring has merged with Direct Energie and has now become Total Direct Energie.

The Total Spring electricity offers

The Total Spring electricity deals are all green. Details and tariffs below.

Green electricity offers


Total Spring offers green electricity via a certification of origin system. How this works is that the company buys electricity on the energy market, and simultaneously will invest in equivalent warranties of origin which are delivered to green producers.

Total guarantees that all the certifications it purchases are of French origin and from hydroelectric, wind, and biomass sources. By doing so, Total is, as other green energy providers in France, striving to encourage and finance a more eco-friendly consumption in the country.

The provider offers its clients a fixed tariff for its green electricity, along with a comprehensive customer service.

No need for a French IBAN to subscribe to Total Spring!Total Spring is one of the only energy providers in France to allow its customers to subscribe to its offers with a European IBAN (SEPA) and an international phone number, which can be very useful if you've just arrived in France and don't yet have a French bank account or number.

Tariffs for Total Spring’s electricity offers

Below are the tariffs for the provider's electricity offers, which will vary depending on your meter power and the tariff option chosen.

Note that the Total Spring electricity offers all come with a  % discount compared to the French regulated tariffs.

Prices for the Total Spring Green Electricity offer
Meter power Tariff option chosen
Base option Heures pleines / Heures creuses option
Annual subscription (with tax) Price per kWh (with tax) Annual subscription (with tax) Price per kWh (with tax)
Heures pleines
Price per kWh (with tax)
Heures creuses
3 kVA    
6 kVA          
9 kVA          
12 kVA          
15 kVA          
18 kVA          

The Total Spring gas offers

For natural gas, Total Spring gives customers the choice between 2 systems of prices, where these are either fixed or indexed.

The Total Spring fixed price gas offers

The Total Spring gas offers work similarly to the electricity offers:

  • Prices for the kWh are % below the regulated tariffs;
  • The prices of both the subscription and the kWh for fixed offers are guaranteed not to increased over a period of 12 months;
  • A comprehensive and relatively available customer service;
  • A flexible choice of payment methods.

Below is a rundown of the provider's gas offer, which vary depending on your meter power and tariff zone.

Tariffs for Total Spring's natural gas offers with fixed prices (with tax)
Consumption class Price of subscription Price per kWh according to tariffs zones
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
0 - 1 000 kWh
1 000 - 6 000 kWh
6 000 - 30 000 kWh
< 150 000 kWh

The Total Spring indexed price gas offers

The characteristics of the Total Spring indexed price offer for gas are the following:

  • A price per kWh which is  % below the regulated tariffs (before tax) at time of subscription;
  • A price per kWh indexed on these same tariffs, meaning they can potentially fluctuate and increase or descrease overtime;
  • A complete customer service available by mail and online, along with a comprehensive choice of billing methods.

Below is a rundown of the Total Spring tariffs for gas with indexed prices.

Tariffs for the Total Spring natural gas, with indexed prices (with tax)
Consumption class Price of subscription Price of the kWh per tariff zone
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
0 - 1 000 kWh
1 000 - 6 000 kWh
6 000 - 30 000 kWh
< 150 000 kWh

How to subscribe to a Total Spring energy offer

Think these offers could be right for you? If you want to start a Total Spring contract, here is how to procede.

Switching to Total Spring


Swtcihing energy providers is a very simple and quick process in France. It doens't require you to inform your current provider, Total Spring will take care of this. Your access to energy won't be cut out during the change, and there is no need to change your meter either. The process is entirely free.

To subscribe to Total Spring, you can simply call Selectra's English-Speaking advisors at 09 87 67 37 93 directly, or ask for a free callback. An agent will help you and guide you through the process.

To make the change quick and efficient, make sure you gather the following documents before making the call:

  • The latest bill from your former provider;
  • A recent meter reading;
  • Your billing details if you wish to opt for direct debit for your future bills with Total Spring.

Opening a contract with Total Spring when moving home

The process to subscribing to a Total Spring offer is a little different if you are moving home in France.

In this case, you can still call Selectra at 09 87 67 37 93, but once the subscription is finalised you will need to have a technician from Enedis or GRDF come by your home to open your meter. Total Spring will serve as the intermediary between you and the relevant network company in order to set up an appointment.

Below are the set prices for this intevention, which are regulated and are the same regardless of the supplier you subscribe to.

Meter opening fees
  Electricity (Enedis) Natural gas (GRDF)
With an energy supply cut Standard: under 5 days  € (with tax)  € (with tax)
Express: within 24 to 48 hours  € (with tax)  € (with tax)
Urgent: the same day  € (with tax)  € (with tax)
Without an energy supply cut  € (with tax)  € (with tax)
Intelligent meters Under 24 working hours  € (with tax) -
First time opening a meter after connecting it to an energy supply Under 10 days  € (with tax)  € (with tax)

Need help finding the energy offer right for you? Selectra’s English-speaking advisors are here to help. Just call 09 87 67 37 93, or ask for a free callback. If possible, make sure to have a French phone number and a French IBAN at hand before making the call.

Reviews of Total Spring

Below is a rundown of the main positive and negative attributes that current Total Spring customers report about their provider:

Summary of Total Spring reviews
Positive aspects Negative aspects
  • Tariffs for Total Spring are more competitive than the EDF regulated tariffs - even for their green electricity.
  • You are free to choose fixed or indexed prices, it's up to you.
  • The price of subscription is aligned on that of the regulated tariff, and fixed for 12 months if you choose the fixed price option, so you are covered from any potential increases
  • The dual offer (electricity + gas) make things easier: one provider and one unique contract.
  • The customer service is relatively available and comprehensive: mail, online account, email, chat, social media.
  • You are free to choose whichever billing method you prefer: online or by mail, on a monthly or bi-monthly basis
  • No biomethane or carbon compensation for the Total Spring is possible gas offers.
  • Indexed price electricity offers have been cut for dual offfers since 2018.
  • There are reports of estimation problems (clients being initially charged too much) - but this is an issue common to all providers.
  • Total, which repurchased Lampiris, has a fairly negative image when it comes to the environment, and this can put some people off.

Total Spring customer service

The Total Spring customer service advisors are available at 36 56. Call this number for all non-technical queries, or if you wish to cancel a Total Spring contract. It's interesting to note that Total Spring is one of the only energy suppliers in France to offer its customer service in English, which can be very useful if you're not yet completely fluent in French.

You can altervatively log onto to your online account as described below, on social media or directly on the Total Spring website, on which an online chat is available to customers.

The Total Spring online account

The provider offers an online platform to its customers, on which multiple steps can be completed, thus saving you a significant amount of time. Namely, the Total Spring "Mon Compte" allows you to:

  • Contact an advisor;
  • Communicate meter readings;
  • View bills and contracts.

Total Spring HQ Address in France

If you ever need to write to the Total Spring customer service, here is the address to send your letter to:

Service Client Total Spring
TSA 20039
75437 Paris Cedex 09

In the case of an emergency


For any more serious queries that require the intervention of a technician, either in your home or in your neighbourhood, you will need to call the relevant network management company directly.

If you experience a power cut, a gas leak, or anything down this line, it won't be up to Total Spring to deal with. Instead you will need to contact either of the following network managing entities:

About Total Spring


Better known for its petrol-related activities, Total decided to invest in the electricity and gas sectors for private individuals, and purchased the Belgian company Lampiris in 2016.

By doing so, Total diversified its activities and comfirms its ambition to orientate itself towards cleaner and greener energies.