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Energem, Electricity Supplier in France

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Energem is a renewable electricity supplier that offers electricity supply options to customers in the northern half of France.

IMPORTANT!Since 2017, Energem's electricity and gas offers are only available in the Lorraine area.
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About Energem

Energem's origins lie in the creation of the UEM (Usine d'Electricité de Metz) in 1901 with the opening of the Pontiffroy thermal power plant. The UEM became a municipal board with a public service mission in 1925, which allowed it to remain autonomous in the face of electricity nationalization in 1946. However, the liberalisation of electricity markets in 2008 required UEM to restructure, thus leading to the creation of:

  • URM: the power grid operator for the Metz region's
  • Energem: the energy supplier

In 2012, UEM was the largest local independent electricity distribution company in France, with a turnover of 232.9 million euros and 1.7 billion kWh of electricity per year provided to 155,000 customers.

Energem stands out from other electricity suppliers (EDF, Direct Energie, Planete Oui) on two points:

Environmental Impact

Whereas other electricity suppliers offer "green" electricity via the purchasing of renewable energy certificates, Energem produces its renewable electricity directly, thanks to the three hydroelectric plants installed on the Moselle River that belong to the group. Energem's renewable electricity is the same price as EDF regulated tariffs.

Customer Service

Energem will reimburse up to one year subscription if the customer is not satisfied with the service. This warranty covers two commitments:

  • Response within 24 hours to emails (and within five working days for postal mail).
  • Recognition within five days of self-submitted meter readings and consequent bill adjustment

Energem Offers

Energem offers 100% renewable electricity for customers across France, and natural gas supply to customers in the North of France.

Offer Name
Additional Information
Fixo élec
(Electricity only)
Subscription charge and per kWh rates same as EDF regulated tariffs 100% renewable electricity
No commitment
Fixo gaz
(Gas only)
Subscription charge and per kWh rates same as EDF regulated tariffs
Only available to the north of France
Fixo 2
(Gas & Electricity)
Subscription charge and per kWh rates same as EDF regulated tariffs
100% renewable electricity
Only available to customers who are eligible for Energem gas supply
Our Opinion Energem electricity supply is attractive because it offers 100% renewable electricity at the same prices as the EDF regulated tariffs to customers across the French territory. One drawback: Energem's gas supply offer is available only on the territory of Metz. Only customers in the Metz region can benefit from a dual gas + electricity.


Contact Energem

You can contact Energem in the following ways:

  • Telephone: for sign up and other customer service concerns, call 09 69 39 02 39
  • Email: by filling in an online form
  • Post: Energem, 2 place du Pontiffroy, 57000 Metz

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